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The NC Agromedicine Institute is a University of North Carolina Institute.

Member Universities:
East Carolina University
North Carolina State University
NC Agricultural & Technical State University
Mission, Vision, and Goals

To promote the health and safety of farmers, fishers, foresters, their workers and their families through research, prevention/intervention, and education/outreach.



To be an international leader in the interdisciplinary field of agromedicine by conducting research; promoting community engagement; supporting the translation of research into programs and products that are responsive to community needs; and empowering rural communities to address the issues of health and safety successfully.



To save lives through:

  • Reducing injuries and preventing chronic diseases and health problems
  • Supporting safe and healthy working and living environments
  • Addressing health disparities
  • Increasing access to health care in rural populations
  • Educating farmers, foresters, fishers, farm workers and their families.