The NC Agromedicine Institute is a University of North Carolina Institute.

Member Universities:
East Carolina University
North Carolina State University
NC Agricultural & Technical State University
Education/ Outreach

- Agromedicine at the Grassroots I

- Arthropod Allergens: Distribution and Mitigation Strategies to Reduce Cockroach Allergens in Swine Farms and Workers’ Homes

- Bringing Diversity to the Alabama Agromedicine Farm Family Study

- Communicating Effectively with Migrant Head Start Families: Indigenous Language Project

- Crossing Borders: EC Scholars Educational Immersion Program in the Migrant Latino Community

- Development of a Medical School Curriculum to Provide Knowledge and Training in Treating the Injuries/Illness Associated with the Agriculture, Fishing, and Forestry Industries of Eastern North Carolina

- Development of an Off-Road Vehicle Data Acquisition System for Assessing the Influences of Vehicle Shock and Vibration on Operator Health and Safety

- Educating Agricultural and Health Practitioners about the Agricultural Health Study

- Farmworker Institute Summit and Networking Event

- Food Security and the Diets of Young Latino Children from Migrant Farm Worker Families

- Gold Star Growers

- Hispanic Farm Safety Day: A Model Program

- Mountain Pesticide Education and Safety Outreach (PESO)

- North Carolina Farmscape Interactive Modeling

- Reducing Potential Tobacco Nitrosamine Levels and Skin Cancer for Tobacco Farm Workers

- Temporada de Fresas

- Timber Medic Certification Program

- Unintentional Farm Fatalities in North Carolina 1998-2002

- Use of Cultural Ergonomic Approaches to Prevent Pesticide Exposure

- Workplace Safety for Agricultural Workers
- Prevention/ Intervention

- A Dynamic System for Monitoring and Predicting Occurrence and Spread of West Nile Virus in Mississippi

- El Puente (The Bridge): Health Implications of Transitional Communication Among Honduran Families Separated Through Migration

- Growing Up FIT!

 - Recipes

- Hydration Methods for Preventing Heat Disorders in Field Workers

- Skin Disorders Among Commercial Fishermen

- Agricultural Injury and Illness Surveillance Project

- Assessing Exposure to Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Rural Agricultural Settings

- Assessment of Minority Health and Safety in Selected North Carolina Counties

- Child Health Needs of Rural Alabama Latino Families

Clinic Level Injury and Illness Surveillance

- Creating a Safer Environment for Greenhouse Vegetable Workers

- The Development of New Tools to Study, Identify, and Prevent Ovarian Cancer

- Ergonomic Interventions for the Agriculture Industry

- Evaluations of Trauma in Hispanic Farmworkers

Factors Affecting Youth Decision Making Concerning Agricultural Tasks

- Farm Injury and Illness: An Agromedicine Approach to Heat Related Illness

- Furthering Agricultural Health and Safety through Clinical Surveillance, Information Dissemination, and Disaster Monitoring

- Hospital Discharges and Deaths Associated with Cysticercosis in North Carolina 1990-2003

Human Metabolism of New and Emerging Pesticides

North Carolina Farm Vehicle Roadway Safety

- Risk Factors Associated with Injuries and Illness in Puerto Rican Agricultural Farmers
- Special Projects

- Expansion and Maintenance of the National Agricultural Safety Database

National Tractor Safety Initiative