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Skin Disorders Among Commercial Fishermen
Project Name: Skin Disorders Among Commercial Fishermen

Principal Investigators: William Burke, MD, The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University;
David Griffith, PhD, East Carolina University

Project Type: Core Prevention/Intervention

Project Description: Commercial fishermen experience a higher incidence of skin disorders than those who work in other industries. However, fishermen have proven to be a difficult population to reach with health care. This is due in part to low levels of health insurance, problems with access to appropriate health care providers, and the demands of their jobs. This project will develop educational materials, based on research among commercial fishermen's key sources of information, to point out and reduce the risks of skin disorders among people who work on the water. Project personnel will conduct skin screening sessions in North Carolina, Alabama and Maryland.

Project Accomplishments:

Annual Report 2006

Coastwatch 2003: Skin Cancer Targets Fishing Community

Poster: Go for catches…not cancer

Brochure: Skin Disorders within the Mid-Atlantic Fishing Community

Presentation: Skin Problems in Commercial Fishermen