ECU College of Allied Health Sciences ECU College of Allied Health Sciences

ECU College of Allied Health Sciences ECU College of Allied Health Sciences

The College of Allied Health Sciences serves the local community through provision of patient care in three clinics. The clinics also provide training and valuable data for applied research studies for students.


Patient Care Clinics

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ECU Department of Addictions & Rehabilitation Studies. Our services are designed to help clients identify challenges, cope with stress, improve interpersonal skills and relationships, choose a career or education path or change careers, improve confidence and self-esteem, improve assertiveness, and assess and address the impact of alcohol or drug use in their lives.

Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic

A community based clinic for communication disorders. Faculty and supervised graduate students provide diagnostic and therapy for communication disorders to children and adults in areas related to: speech, language, voice, stuttering, aphasia, ALS, and hearing loss. The Clinic has over 3,000 visits per year. Summer camps are given for children with autism, and severe hearing loss.

Physical Therapy Clinic

The clinic is operated by ECU faculty in the College of Allied Health Sciences who are licensed physical therapists and experts in evaluating and treating back and neck pain, tendonitis, sprains and strains, sport-specific and running injuries, herniated discs, arthritis and providing post-operative rehabilitation for adults and children. A major initiative of the clinic is to provide a learning environment for ECU physical therapy doctoral students, who observe and treat patients with supervision from licensed physical therapists.