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College of Allied Health Sciences Faculty and Staff

· Paul Toriello, RhD, MRC, Associate Professor and Chair; Director of Doctoral Studies; Interim 
  Assistant Dean for Grant Administration
· W. Leigh Atherton, PhD, LPC, LCAS, CCS, Clinical Assistant Professor, Director of Navigate 
  Counseling Clinic, 
  Fieldwork Coordinator
· Mary Crozier, EdD, CSAC, CPP, Associate Professor; Coordinator of Substance Abuse 
  Counseling Certificate Program
· Martha H. Chapin, PhD, LPC, CRC, CDMS, NCC, Professor; Director of Undergraduate 
  Rehabilitation Studies
· Lloyd Goodwin, PhD, LPC, CRC-MAC, LCAS, CCS, ACS, Professor
· Stephen Leierer, PhD, Associate Professor
· Nathalie Mizelle-Johnson, PhD, CRC, LPC, Assistant Professor; Director of the Rehabilitation
  Counseling Program and the Rehabilitation Counseling Certificate
· Shari Sias, PhD, LPC, Associate Professor; Director of the Substance Abuse & Clinical 
  Counseling  Program; Coordinator of the Minor in Alcohol and Drug Studies
· Steven R. Sligar, EdD, CVC, Associate Professor; Coordinator of the Vocational
  Evaluation Certificate 
· Mark A. Stebnicki, PhD, LPC, CRC, CCM, Professor and Coordinator of the Military and Trauma 
  Counseling Certificate
· Cathy Moore, Administrative Support Assoc.
· Judy Harrison, Administrative Support Assoc.

· Paul Vos, PhD, Professor and Chair
· Jason Brinkley, PhD, Assistant Professor
· Xiangming Fang, PhD, Assistant Professor
· Suzanne Hudson, PhD, Associate Professor
· Andrada Ivanescu, PhD, Assistant Professor
· Kevin O'Brien, PhD, Professor
· Qiang Wu, PhD, Assistant Professor
· Rhonda Bode, Administrative Support Assoc.

· Kathleen Schulman, PhD, MT(ASCP), Clinical Assistant Professor and Interim Chair
· P. Karen Sullivan, PhD, MT(ASCP), SM(ASCP), Associate Professor
· Ann C. McConnell, MAEd, MLS(ASCP)CM - Clinical Instructor
· Cheryl Binkley, MT(ASCP)SH, HTL(ASCP) - Lab Manager

· Gregg Givens, PhD, Professor and Chair
· Deborah Bengala, MA, CCC-SLP, Clinical Associate Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies
· Kathleen T. Cox, PhD, CCC-SLP, Associate Professor; Director of Masters Education
· Deborah S. Culbertson, MA, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor
· Allyson Hill, MS, CCC-SLP, Clinical Supervisor
· Yolanda Holt, PhD, Assistant Professor
· Joseph Kalinowski, PhD, Professor
· Lori Kincannon, MS, CCC-SLP, Clinical Instructor
· Julia Morrow, MA, CCC-SLP, Clinical Instructor
· Jamie L. Perry, PhD, Assistant Professor
· Jessica Pierce, AuD/PhD, Clinical Supervisor
· Michael Rastatter, PhD, Professor
· Sharon Rutledge, AuD, Clinical Assistant Professor
· Crystal Shearin, MS, Clinical Supervisor
· Andrew Stuart, PhD, CCC-A, Aud(C), Professor
· Andrew Vermiglio, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA, Assistant Professor
· Marianna M. Walker, PhD, CCC-SLP, Associate Professor
· Heather Harris Wright, PhD, Associate Professor; Director of Doctoral Education
· Sherri Winslow, MS, CCC-SLP, Clinical Supervisor
· Ning Zhou, PhD, Assistant Professor
· Dena Harrell, Administrative Support Assoc.
· Emerette Dominy, Administrative Support Assoc.
· Cynthia Cox, Administrative Support Assoc.
· Wendy Harding, Administrative Support Assoc.

· Xiaoming Zeng, MD, PhD, Associate Professor and Chair
· Paul Bell, PhD, RHIA, CTR, Professor
· Myra Brown, MBA, RHIA, Associate Professor
· Robert Campbell, EdD, CPEHR, Associate Professor
· Leigh Cellucci, PhD, Associate Professor
· Susie T. Harris, PhD, RHIA, CCS, Associate Professor
· Elizabeth Forrestal, PhD, RHIA, CCS, FAHIMA, Professor
· Ray Hylock, PhD, Assistant Professor
· Michael H. Kennedy, PhD, MHA, FACHE, Associate Professor, Program Director, Health 
  Services Management
· Robert Kulesher, PhD, Associate Professor
· Thomas Ross, PhD, Associate Professor
· Patricia Royal, EdD, Associate Professor
· Bonita Sasnett, EdD, Associate Professor
· Jennifer Pitt, Administrative Support Assoc.
· Rosa Harris, Administrative Support Assoc.

· Leonard G. Trujillo, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA, Associate Professor and Chair
· Debbie Amini, EdD, OTR/L, CHT, Assistant Professor
· Anne E. Dickerson, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA, Professor
· Denise K. Donica, DHS, OTR/L, BCP, Assistant Professor, Graduate Program Director
· Mary W. Hildebrand, OTD, Assistant Professor
· Carol Lust, EdD, OTR/L, Associate Professor
· Jane Painter-Patton, EdD, OTR/L, FAOTA, Professor
· Jennifer Radloff, OTD, OTR/L, CDRS, Assistant Professor
· Kathy Benitez, Administrative Support Assoc.
· Patrice Barrow, Administrative Support Assoc.

· Walter L. Jenkins, PT, DHS, ATC, LATC, Professor and Chair
· Bruce C. Albright, PhD, PT, Professor
· Sonja Bareiss, PhD, PT, Assistant Professor
· Alex Durland, DPT, CSCS, Clinical Instructor
· Amy Gross McMillan, PhD, PT, Associate Professor
· Patricia S. Hodson, PT, DPT, PCS, Clinical Professor; Director of Clinical Education
· Sarah E. Johnson, DPT, Clinical Instructor
· Terry Jones, PhD, Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Studies
· Christine Lysaght, PT, Teaching Instructor
· Stacey Meardon, PhD, PT, ATC, CSCS, Assistant Professor
· Keith Sales, DPT, Clinical Instructor
· Jacob Thorp, DHS, PT, OCS, MTC, Clinical Assistant Professor
· John D. Willson, PhD, MPT, Associate Professor; Director of Human Movement Analysis Lab
· Richard Willy, PhD, PT, OCS, Assistant Professor
· Karen Eastwood, Administrative Support Assoc.
· Tracy Gilland, Administrative Support Assoc.

· Alan F. Gindoff, DHSc, PA-C, Clinical Associate Professor and Chair
· Elizabeth Bunting, MS, PA-C, Clinical Assistant Professor
· Julie Daniel-Yount, MHS, PA-C, Clinical Assistant Professor
· Martin Mayer, MSPAS, PA-C, Clinical Assistant Professor
· Natalie Smith, MS, PA-C, Clinical Assistant Professor
· C. Kim Stokes, MHS, PA-C, Clinical Assistant Professor
· Jane Trapp, MSEd, PA-C, Clinical Associate Professor
· Faye Hodges, Administrative Support Assoc.