CON-CAHS Research Administration Hub

About the Hub

The purpose of the College of Nursing - College of Allied Health Sciences Research Administration Hub is to provide expertise and support in pre-award and post-award activities for faculty in CON and CAHS. Our colleges have diverse and growing grant portfolios. The Hub oversees a variety of research and research-related accounts including  internal grants, extramural grants, institutional start-up funds, grant/contract reassignment time (GCRT) funds, and indirect cost accounts. The Hub also provides support for budget development, application support, and faculty development.

Meet the Staff

Susan Howard

Susan Howard, MAEd
Post-Award Grant Manager
4305A Health Sciences Bldg

Latoya Sahadeo

Latoya Sahadeo, MPH
Post-Award Grant Manager
4305B Health Sciences Bldg

Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller, BS
Pre-Award Grant Manager
4305C Health Sciences Bldg