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CAHS Student Leadership
BB&T Leadership Enhancement Grant

Through a generous donation, the BB&T Leadership Enhancement Grant is an award program to for Colleges and Schools at ECU to develop leadership programs for faculty, staff, and students. 

In 2009, the the College of Allied Health Sciences applied for its first award from this grant, and in subsequent years has continued to use this funding to increase leadership training for CAHS members.  The grant team began in 2009 with Kathleen T. Cox, a faculty member in Communication Sciences and Disorders and Dean Stephen Thomas.  They developed the first grant proposal and the Student Leaders Council assisted in the implementation and hosting of the first event. 

For the 2010 and 2011 submissions, the grant team grew to include Dr. Beth Velde, Assistant Dean as the coordinator of the team along with Dr. Kathy Cox, Dean Stephen Thomas, and Associate Dean Kevin O'Brien.  The College will continue to use this grant program to assist in its mission of providing leadership opportunities for staff, faculty, and students. 

Leadership Conversations: Dialogues between Students and Health Professions Leaders

This endeavor was designed to develop a day-long workshop for College of Allied Health Students to meet and network with leaders from their own professions.  The morning began with a keynote by Charlie Brown, then Associate Director of the Center for Student Leadership & Civic Engagement.  The attendees, some 120 CAHS students and faculty, then attended breakout sessions.  These breakout sessions were led by allied health leaders from across the nation.  During lunch, students were seated at tables with students from different professions in order to assist in their networking.  Students were also then able to meet specifically with a leader from their own professional organization to learn more about how to become active in the governance of their profession.  The leaders that provided the breakout sessions included:

  • Merrill Brinson, PCMH Cancer Registry
  • Catherine Gottfred, PhD, Immediate Past President of American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • Tyra T. Whittaker, PhD, Associate Professor, Rehabilitation Studies, NC A &T
  • Frank Gainer, MHS, Conference Director, American Occupational Therapy Association
  • Ben F. Massey, PT, Executive Director, NC Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
  • CDR Robin N. Hunter Buskey, Physician Assistant of the Year, 2009
  • Jason Ezzelle, Senior Project Manager, Government Division, PPD, Inc.

Enhancing the Culture of Leadership in the College of Allied Health Sciences.

In 2010, the grant focused enhancing the culture of leadership throughout the College.  One component of the grant was to provide a workshop for the students and the faculty advisors who were leading the student organizations in each department.  This workshop provided training in a tool, Leadership Development Action Plan, that the organizations could use help increase leadership development activities as a part of their club's events.  Facilitators from the Center for Student Leadership & Civic Engagement provided leadership assessments using the Leadership Practices Inventory and all attendees received a leadership development analysis to help them better understand their leadership skills and styles.  The attendees learned more about the ECU leadership resources that are available across campus. 

A second component of the grant award in 2010 for implemented by Dr. Annette Jones, Department of Occupational Therapy.  As a hired faculty consultant to the grant, she assisted all the departments in the College in reviewing and updating their websites to reflect leadership concepts that were currently being utilized, but not effectively displayed on the websites.  In addition, she worked with individual faculty members to improve their syllabi by helping faculty learn how and where to highlight leadership in their course syllabi. 

A third component was coordinated by Kathy Cox of the grant team.  She developed an online Blackboard-based learning module that provides basic training in leadership concepts for students.  This Bb module is now available to all faculty in the College to use as a part of their courses. 

Developing Interprofessional Leadership in the College of Allied Health Sciences

The 2011 grant was designed to increase the interprofessional education component of leadership development in the College.  Kathy Cox along with John "Trey" Elam, the chair of the Student Leaders Council, developed a series of "Lunch & Learn" events for students in CAHS.  Partnering with Krista Wilhelm, Assistant Director of the Center for Student Leadership & Civic Engagement, these sessions were designed to be interactive, small group sessions that allowed the students to be active in their leadership development learning. 

A second component was to collaborate with the College of Nursing, Brody School of Medicine, and the School of Dental Medicine to provide a day-long workshop on interprofessional education held November 11, 2011.  Following a morning keynote by John Gilbert, the attendees used case-studies during a luncheon to begin to discuss strategies for increasing interprofessionalism in allied health professions. Breakout sessions after lunch were utilized to assist attendees in learning more about these concepts. 

A third component of the grant was coordinated by Leigh Cellucci, PhD, Department of Health Services and Information Management.  Dr. Cellucci developed a discussion group using the teaching modality of Reading Circles utilizing the text The Leadership Challenge (Jim Kouzes & Barry Posner) with about 15 students, both on campus and distance education.  Taking advantage of technology such as Centra, Dr. Cellucci and the students held six sessions to dissect the leadership topics of this textbook.  In addition, Dr. Cellucci developed an online module to provide another learning tool in interprofessionalism for the students, staff, and faculty in the College of Allied Health Sciences.