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Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology

Donald J. Fletcher
Donald J. Fletcher, Ph.D.

Professor and Vice Chair
Master Educator 2006
Board of Governors Distinguished Professor for Teaching Award 2011

B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology
Ph.D., Emory University
Postdoctoral Fellow, Emory University School of Medicine
Research Associate, Medical College of Virginia

office: Brody 7N-47
telephone: 252-744-2831
e-mail: fletcherd@ecu.edu

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I have been involved with development of innovative methods for the teaching of human gross anatomy. From a traditional educational perspective, these have included the careful reduction of didactic lectures (without affecting student performance) and creation and use of an anatomy coursepack (formalized handouts on gross anatomy and embryology topics) with original artwork. The coursepack has been highly successful and is currently the pedagogical basis for both our medical gross anatomy course and our anatomy course for physical therapy and nursing students. I have also been involved with development of online multimedia modules that are the basis of computer-based and Web-based gross anatomy courses (distance learning). These include regional reviews with audio narrations and interactive learning tools on somatic and autonomic nerve plexuses.

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Selected Publications
Fletcher, D.J. and T.M. Louis. 1997. The Cervical Plexus: An Online Anatomy Learning Tool ©. (click here for example)

Fletcher, D.J. and T.M. Louis. 1997. The Lumbar Plexus: An Online Anatomy Learning Tool ©. (click here for example)

Fletcher, D.J. and T.M. Louis. 1998. The Sacral Plexus: An Online Anatomy Learning Tool ©. (click here for example)

Louis, T.M., D.J. Fletcher, J.E. Brinn, M.A. Krein, and D.L. Barnum. 1998. Problems and pitfalls in distance learning and computer-based teaching. Pathology Education 23: 30-38.

Winn, F.J., D. Fletcher, J. Smith, R. Williams, and T.M. Louis. 1999. Internet teaching of PA practitioners in rural areas: Can complex material with high definition graphics be taught using P.C.s? Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 43rd Annual Meeting: 1161-1165.

Fletcher, D.J. and K.K. Mills. 2000. Using Blackboard CourseInfo to deliver human gross anatomy to freshman medical students. FASEB J. 14: A307.

Louis, T., F. Winn, D. Fletcher, and K. Mills. 2000. Comparison of a traditional course website (CW98) versus a campus-wide course management system: Blackboard (Bb99) CourseInfo. FASEB J. 14: A307.

Fletcher, D.J. and A. E. Branigan. 2000. The Brachial Plexus: An Online Anatomy Learning Tool ©. (click here for example)

Fletcher, D.J. and C.W. Lindsey. 2001. Performance of distance learner physician assistant students in a web-based gross anatomy course. FASEB J. 15: A720.

Fletcher, D.J. and A.E. Branigan. 2003. Abdominal Autonomic Nerve Plexuses: An Online Anatomy Learning Tool ©. (click here for example)

Branigan, A. and D. Fletcher. 2004. Informal laptop use in the medical classroom and student performance. Program 2004 UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference: 73.

Fletcher, D.J. 2009. Question and answer column: So You Wanna…Donate Your Body to Science. My Family Doctor 6: 8.

Fletcher D. and D. Musick. 2013. Performance in medical gross anatomy as a predictor of USMLE Step 1 scores. FASEB J. 27: 956.11.

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Current Funding
"Anatomy Prosections/Dissections for Army Personnel Medical Training"; Donald J. Fletcher, Principal Investigator; United States Army (Department of Defense); 10/1/2001 to 3/31/2016.

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Staff and Students

Former Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows:

Name Title Location
Emily Askew, Ph. D. Research Assistant Professor
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
Benjamin King, Ph.D. Senior Medical Writer
Grifols, Research Triangle Park, NC
George Schuppin, Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Biology, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, VA
Virginia Stokes, M.S. Instructor & Chair Mathematics and Science, Nash Community College, Rocky Mount, NC

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