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Anatomy & Cell Biology

The Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology is dedicated to the discovery, development, and promotion of biomedical knowledge involving cell biology and the anatomical sciences of Gross Anatomy, Developmental Anatomy, Histology, and Neuroanatomy. Through this mission, we aim to improve human health through innovative educational programs and excellence in research and scholarly activities in a dynamic and diverse learning community.

The Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology is located in the Brody Medical Sciences Building on the west campus of East Carolina University and has fifteen faculty, eight staff, two research fellows, two office support staff, and six to ten doctoral students. Our faculty are actively involved with research areas that include signal transduction; stem cells; educational models and distance learning; cellular senescence and determinants of radiosensitivity in cancer; rearrangements of the cytoskeleton that occur during spermatogenesis; role of delta-catenin, presenilin and cadherins in synaptic remodeling and in cancer; function of tight junctions and claudins in ionic and tissue homeostasis; hyaluronan-CD44 interactions and their influence on BMP-initiated Smad signaling and other signaling pathways; and CD44-initiated signaling pathways that result in enhanced MMP production and extracellular degradation.

Throughout the brief history of the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University, the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology has had an active role in training graduate students. Our former students now hold prestigious postdoctoral, faculty, and professional positions throughout the United States. In addition to our graduate program, we provide instruction to medical, nursing, physical therapy, and physician assistant students.