Our laboratory is a multi-disciplinary research program that is currently funded by foundation grants, the NIH, and industry groups. We have numerous projects that are centered on three major questions, described below

  1. How does obesity dysregulate the immune system and can omega-3 fatty acids restore select aspects of innate and adaptive immunity?
  2. How does lowering of cardiolipin levels in metabolic diseases disrupt the biophysical organization of the mitochondrial membrane?
  3. How does S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) suppress inflammation?

The methods used to address these questions range from molecular, biochemical, biophysical, and immunological tools in a variety of model systems including liposomes, cell culture, transgenic/knockout models, and select clinical populations.

*If you are interested in pursuing graduate work or a post-doctoral position in the laboratory, please contact Dr. Shaikh at shaikhsa@ecu.edu.