Graduates of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Heather Teague, PhD (2014)

Advisor: Saame Raza Shaikh, PhD

Dissertation: "N-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Differentially Enhance B-cell Mediated Immunity in Lean & Obese Mice"

J. Kaitlin Morrison, PhD (2014)

Advisor: Brett Keiper, PhD

Dissertation: "The Involvement of Cap-Independent mRNA Translation in Cell Fate Decisions"

Nathaniel Kingsbury, MS (2014)

Advisor: Joseph Chalovich, PhD

Oral Examination: "Fesselin an Intrinsically Disordered Smooth Muscle Protein Organizers and Stabilizes Actin-Myosin and Myosin"

Ryan F. Overcash, PhD (2012)

Advisor: Maria J. Ruiz-Echevarria, PhD

Dissertation: “An examination of the functional role of TMEFF2 in prostate cancer and the translational regulatory mechanisms controlling its expression"

Postdoctoral: Laboratory of Ann Marie Pendergast, PhD; Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology, Duke University School of Medicine

Drew Rockett, PhD (2012)

Advisor: S. Raza Shaikh, PhD

Dissertation: “Fish oil disrupts B cell plasma membrane lateral organization and immunological synapse formation"

Postdoctoral: Research Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology and the East Carolina Diabetes and Obesity Institute, East Carolina University

Tamra L. Hunsaker, PhD (2012)

Advisor: Brian Shewchuk, PhD

Dissertation: “Resolving the Role of POU1F1 in Human Growth Hormone Locus Activation"

Postdoctoral: Bert O’Malley, MD, Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology, Baylor College of Medicine

Alona O. Nakonechnaya, PhD (2012)

Advisor: Shewchuk, Brian, PhD

Dissertation: Effects of Exogenous and Autocrine Growth Hormone (hGH) on Prostate Cancer Cell Function

Postdoctoral: Cynthia G. Goodyer, PhD, Department of Pediatrics, McGill University

Vince Contreras, PhD (2010)

Advisor: Brett D. Keiper, PhD

Dissertation: “Multiple Translational Factor eIF4G (IFG-1) Isoforms Regulate Germ Cell Apoptosis"

Postdoctoral: Licensing and Patenting Manager, Office of Technology Transfer at National Institutes of Health, Rockville, MD. 

Vesna Ann Karschner, PhD (2010)

Advisor: Phillip Pekala, PhD

Dissertation: “Post-Transcriptional Regulation of mRNA Metabolism during Differentiation of 3T3-L1 Cells: Role of HuR"

Postdoctoral: Christopher Geyer, PhD., Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology, The Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University

Svetlana S. Khaymina Hamden, PhD (2010)

Advisor: Joseph M. Chalovich, PhD

Dissertation: “Fesselin and Caldesmon: Natively Unfolded Proteins in Smooth Muscule Regulation"

Mohit C. Mathur, PhD (2009)

Advisor: Joseph M. Chalovich, PhD

Dissertation: “The Distribution of Regulated Actomyosin States is Central to Cardiac Muscle Regulation and Disturbance of this Distribution Leads to Congenital Cardiomyopathies”

Melissa Anne Henderson, PhD (2009)

Advisor: Brett D. Keiper, PhD

Dissertation: “The Unique Roles of IFE-1, a Germline-Specific Isoform of Eukaryotic Translation Factor 4E, During Gametogenisis”

Postdoctoral: Steve L’Hernault, PhD, O. Wayne Rollins Research Center, Emory University

Tara Ann Cartwright, PhD (2009)

Advisor: Ruth A. Schwalbe, PhD

Dissertation: “The Biochemical Characterization of Neuronal K+ Channel N-Glycans and their Role in Regulating K+ Channel Function ”

Postdoctoral: David L. Armstrong, Ph.D., Laboratory of Neurobiology, NIEHS, Research Triangle Park, NC