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Bioethics Collaborative

Medical Ethics Committee  - Overview

The Bioethics Collaborative provides administrative support to the Medical Ethics Committee (MEC) of Vidant Medical Center. The MEC, which was established as a medical staff committee in 1983, has a three-fold charge:

  1. to sponsor continuing education programs,
  2. to provide advice and review upon request regarding the care of individual patients,
  3. to develop and recommend hospital policies on bioethical issues.

It is composed of physicians, nurses, medical ethicists, a social worker, an educator, an attorney, and a community representative. The MEC has several subcommittees including the Adult Consultation Subcommittee (ACS), the Pediatric Consultation Subcommittee (PCS), and the Ethics Education Subcommittee.

Any health care professional, patient, or family member may request the assistance of the ACS or PCS in addressing an ethical issue in patient care. Persons wishing to bring a request to the committee should first contact a hospital patient care coordinator or chaplain, who will direct the request to the appropriate committee members. The Ethics Education Subcommittee is responsible for organizing educational workshops for Vidant Medical Center.

For further information about the MEC and its activities, contact the Bioethics Collaborative at 252-744-2361.