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M1 and M2 Medical Ethics Course


In the M-1 and M-2 course sequence, "Ethical & Social Issues in Medicine," students will:

  • Review central moral, philosophical, and social problems in medicine and health policy;
  • reflect on the physician's responsibilities in helping to develop and implement social policies regarding health care delivery;
  • develop critical skills for evaluating and articulating moral and philosophical claims, arguments, and goals frequently found in practice and medical literature;
  • formulate, present, and defend a particular position on a moral or policy issue in health care and to be able to communicate these ideas and conclusions effectively, both orally and in writing, to patients, patients' families, colleagues and other decision makers in society, and
  • reflect on the relationships among moral, professional, and legal obligations of physicians, including those involving honesty, and respect for patient well-being, autonomy, dignity and confidentiality.

(Drawn from: Medical School Objectives Project. Learning Objectives for Medical Student Education: Guidelines for Medical Schools. Washington, DC: American Association of Medical Colleges, 1998.)