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Cristina Richie

Cristina Richie, PhD

Teaching Assistant Professor


Dr. Cristina Richie is Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Bioethics and Interdisciplinary Studies at the Brody School of Medicine.  She previously taught at Tufts University and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and has lectured internationally. Her research interests include reproductive ethics, sexual ethics, environmental sustainability in the medical industry care, and health care policy.

Green Bioethics has been the primary innovation of her work thus far, receiving widespread recognition, press, and publicity, including the 2013 Catholic Health Association Annual Theology and Ethics Colloquium graduate student award for her essay, "Building a Framework for Green Bioethics: Integrating Ecology into the Medical Industry;" a press release in 2014 for her article, "What Would An Environmentally Sustainable Reproductive Technology Industry Look Like?" in the Journal of Medical Ethics, which circulated across British, U.S. and Indian newspapers; an interview podcast with BMJ talk medicine about the same article; and citation in the 2017 Oxford Handbook of Reproductive Ethics.

Dr. Richie has a PhD in Theology (theological ethics) from Boston College, a Master of Theology (moral theology) from Boston College, a Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, a B.A. in English Literature (minor philosophy) from Colorado State University, and clinical ethics consultation training from the University of California, Los Angeles Health Ethics Center.