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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

1.       How much do these services cost?  Currently the department of biostatistics offers consulting services at no direct cost to ECU faculty, staff, students, units and departments.  The department reserves the right to charge units or individuals who consume a large quantity of consulting resources.

2.       Can we write BIOS faculty into grants?  The department of biostatistics has faculty contributing to many other unit's grants in a variety of ways.  This practice is definitely encouraged.  If biostatistics faculty are written into funded grants, there generally well be no charges to the department. 

3.       How will we know when we are going to be charged?  Individuals or units will be notified that continued support will only be given if arrangements can be made about payment.   The department of biostatistics works hard to ensure that these notifications can be made only at the beginning of a new project or concentration versus in the middle of grant or manuscript development.

4.       I'm a student working on a thesis or project, can you do the analysis for me?  No.  Biostatistics faculty are willing to meet during open door hours and talk to you about your project, look over output, and point you in a general direction in terms of the appropriate statistical design or analysis.  If biostatistics faculty decide that the analytics needed for a project are beyond a student's capacity, we may contact the advisor to discuss other options.

5.       I'm a faculty member working on a project with a student and we need help with the statistics. Can you help?    ECU faculty are certainly welcome to submit requests that involve student projects.  However, the request is from the faculty member and not the student.  Requests must demonstrate a goal beyond the student's work (i.e. publication, poster, or grant proposal).  We expect that in such cases the faculty member will be present for most meetings about analytics on the project. 

6.       I'm a faculty member working on a grant, can you help me?  Biostatistics faculty routinely work on and evaluate grants for other faculty members.   We prefer to come in on the design stage of the study to help make sure that the proper data is being collected and that the faculty member will have an appropriate sample.

7.       I need help designing a survey.  Can you help?  We generally do not consult on survey design in terms of question wording bias; we can help in terms of building a survey that collects proper data to evaluate the outcome of interest.  The ECU Office for Faculty Excellence and the ECU Center for Survey Research are both wonderful groups that can help with the wording, layout and implementation of surveys.

8.       I'm a resident or fellow at PCMH, are these services available to me?  Currently, these services are available at no cost to ECU personnel only.  For residents and fellows, biostatistics faculty will assess the time commitment needed for such the project and the unit will be charged for HALF of the consulting time at our standard hourly rate.

9.       I am not associated with ECU but would still need some help analyzing some data that I have collected.  Can you help?  ECU biostatistics does consulting for the general community at a standard hourly rate.  Please contact us for more details.