Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get help with my statistical needs:

The department does not offer a formal statistical consulting service.  However, faculty members do collaborate with other faculty who require statistical expertise.  Faculty should contact BIOS faculty directly to see if they are accepting new consultations.

I am a student, can I have a BIOS faculty member serve on my thesis or dissertation committee?

If you have taken a class from our department, ask your adviser to contact the professor with whom you took the class.  If that professor is no longer here or you've not taken classes from BIOS, contact the chair of BIOS.

I need help designing a survey. Can you help?

We generally do not consult on survey design in terms of question wording bias; we can help in terms of building a survey that collects proper data to evaluate the outcome of interest. The ECU Office for Faculty Excellence and the ECU Center for Survey Research are both wonderful groups that can help with the wording, layout and implementation of surveys.

Can I write BIOS faculty into grants?

If you are working on a grant proposal that requires statistical methods it is expected that a BIOS faculty member would be written into the grant.  For nearly all grants the minimum effort is 5% and a portion of F&A.