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Paul Cunningham

I am excited to be able to write to you as a Brody Fellow or Brody Scholar alumni. This accolade signifies that you are of the best and brightest of your class. As your School of Medicine has continued to advance and grow, there are tremendous opportunities for you to be involved and make a difference in the lives of current medical students.

As you are keenly aware, the Brody family has focused their philanthropic vision into our graduates and students through unprecedented and remarkable financial support. The scholarship support you received as a Brody Scholar or Fellow helped you begin to practice medicine with much less debt than most medical students. What a tremendous gift!

In order to expand the medical school in the coming years, and continue to provide the highly competent physicians that Brody is known for, we will need more scholarship dollars. I invite you to engage in this opportunity and set a record for scholarship support through contributing to the Brody Scholarship Endowment. Your gift will help create an additional Brody Scholarship, one that is fully funded by grateful Brody Scholar and Fellow alumni. What a significant way to show your gratitude and lead your fellow alumni in supporting your alma mater!

The people of the Brody School of Medicine have accomplished many great things and we need your help to continue moving forward with scholarships, research and service to our patients. As a team we will always accomplish more than we can as individuals. I hope you'll join us in accepting this challenge. Together, we can make a difference.


Paul Cunningham, MD, FACS
Dean, Brody School of Medicine

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