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Brody Scholars Summer Enrichment Program Application Protocol

The Summer Enrichment experience is part of the Brody Scholars program. Its purpose is to provide Brody Scholars with an opportunity to explore their individual interests and engage in activities that will enhance their professional development, and provide future benefits to their fellow students and the community at large. The program is open to all first year Brody Scholars. A total of $10,000 is available ($2,500 to $3,500 per project). The experience must be initiated during the summer between the M1 and M2 years.Scholars should be aware that proposals dealing with service and education will be given priority over those involving research and travel.

To apply for the program, first year Brody Scholars need to complete the attached application form and return it to Dr. Peden in the Admissions Office by March 2, 2015. Students must submit their first choice and an alternative choice for a Summer Enrichment experience. Proposals will be reviewed and preliminary decisions made by March 31, 2015. Proposed recipients will be recommended to the Brody Foundation for final approval at their April meeting, and selected Scholars will be notified within 5 days of approval by the board.While all proposals will be given serious consideration, there is no guarantee that all proposals will be funded.

East Carolina University Travel Policy is as follows: Please contact ECU International Affairs at 252-328-4813 for assistance.

Country Specific Travel Safety

The United States' Department of State Travel Warnings List represents guidelines as to the in-country safety of students. Under applicable University policy, BSOM students shall NOT travel to any country listed on the most recent travel warnings list. An appropriate summary of the in-country safety situation, and measures to assure safety, will be presented to the appropriate BSOM Administrator (the Associate Dean, Office of Medical Education) by the student and/or responsible faculty member. Without exception, Brody School of Medicine students shall follow the existing medical school and East Carolina University policies pertaining to potential rotations in countries on the Travel Warnings List.

United States Department of State Travel Warnings can be found at the following website:

If your destination is listed on the site regardless of it being a warning or alert, your proposal will be declined. Please monitor this site on a daily bases to ensure there has been no change. Although this has never happened to date in the event you are approved to travel and your destination is subsequently added to the list following the approval, you will not be allowed to travel to that country. Once you learned this has occurred, please contact Renée Safford-White either via email or direct line 252/744-3070. Renée will assist you with the financial changes and contact Dr. James Peden to make him aware of the situation. Selected students must comply with all appropriate university and BSOM policies related to travel and related activities.

Upon presentation of appropriate receipts, Scholars will be reimbursed for their expenses not to exceed the award amount. Scholars will be asked to write a report of their activities describing what they learned and accomplished from their project and submit no later than 30 days of completion of program to Renée Safford-White.

Download the Summer Enrichment Program Application

Class of 2017 Summer Enrichment Projects

Mia with a patient at the Patendi District Hospital

Country girl living in the Tanzanian world:
By: Mia Marshall
Click here for Mia's Brody Summer Enrichment Project Report

Amanda testing children at a local orphanage for HIV

My Time in Arusha, Tanzania
By: Amanda Saad
Click here for Amanda's Brody Summer Enrichment Project Report

Hugh assiting with an Oncologic Surgery

My trip to Vietnam
By: Hugh Quach
Click here for Hugh's Brody Summer Enrichment Project Report


Class of 2013 Summer and Community Projects

Daniel Goble

Daniel Goble - Time in Ecuador
Click here to view part 1 of Daniel Goble describing his
     summer project and the benefits of being a Brody Scholar.
Click here to view part 2 of Daniel Goble describing his
     summer project and the benefits of being a Brody Scholar. 
here for Daniel's Blog during his time in Ecuador.

Diana Spell

Life is a Song Worth Singing
Diana Spell's journey to Kaolack, Senegal and Back

Click here to view part 1 of Diana Spell describing her
     summer project and the benefits of being a Brody Scholar.
Click here to view part 2 of Diana Spell describing her
     summer project and the benefits of being a Brody Scholar. 
here for Diana's Blog during her travels to Kaolack, Senegal and Back


Bryan Howington, Brody Scholar
Click here to view Bryan Howington describing his
     summer project and the benefits of being a Brody Scholar.
Click here to read how Bryan Howington is making a difference
     in the lives of young people in his hometown.


Previous Summer Enrichment Recipients

Class of 02 - Katherine Tayloe MacDonald

Medicine in Nicaragua

Class of 04 - W. Chris Taylor

International Student Leadership Program (Belize & Australia)

Class of 05 - Rasheeda Taliaferro Monroe

Medical Spanish & Physician Shadowing in Costa Rica

Class of 05 - Aimee Chung

Teaching Science to Disadvantaged Youths in Eastern NC

Class of 07 - Meredith Davis Bowen

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening in Eastern NC

Class of 08 - Richard Bloomfield

Medical Spanish & Physician Shadowing in Costa Rica

Class of 08 - Michelle Canipe

Autism Education to Eastern NC Police Departments

Class of 09 - Kathryn Laurie Green

Medical Spanish in Guatemala

Class of 10 - Natalie Desouza

Geriatric House Calls & Free Clinic maintenance

Class of 10 - Rita Sridaran

Medical Spanish in Costa Rica & Autism S.T.A.R.

Class of 11 - Jennifer R. King

Medical Mission to Nicaragua

Class of 11 - Brandon Yarns

Adolescent Psychiatry in Navajo Fort Defiance Indian Hospital

Class of 11 - Ying Zhang

Holistic Health at ACS Hope Lodge

Class of 13 - Daniel Goble

Urban & Rural Comparative Health in Quito and Chone Ecuador

Class of 13 - Bryan Howington

Healthy Lifestyle Program for Pembroke Youth

Class of 13 - Diana Spell

Teaching English and Computer to Children in Ethiopia

Class of 14 - Stephanie Carrier

BEAM Girls Service Project

Class of 14 - Stephanie Maxwell

BEAM Girls and Por Su Salud

Class of 14 - Nicole Merli

Amazon and Indigenous Health: Ecuador

Class of 15 - Sunny Darji

IFRE Volunteer in Delhi, India

Class of 15 - Scott Gremillion

PTSD study following a natural disaster in Japan

Class of 15 - Marlana Sheridan

PTSD study following a natural disaster in Japan

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