Brody School of Medicine

ECU Brody School of Medicine Bulletin

Regional Community Education

The Brody School of Medicine is in the center of eastern North Carolina, a 13,690-square-mile region with 1.4 million residents. A predominantly rural area, it offers unique and challenging opportunities for clinical education away from the academic environment of the school and hospital in Greenville. School of Medicine faculty members are optimistic that positive health care experiences in settings other than the medical center will influence career decisions toward practice in small towns and communities.

The majority of third-year Family Medicine clerkships are arranged at sites with family physicians practicing in eastern North Carolina. During the fourth year of study, students may select rotations and preceptorships at rural hospitals, clinics and private physician offices throughout the state. Medical school faculty and community physicians provide instruction and supervision for students on rotation. The clinical skills courses offered during the first and second years of study also place students in clinical education settings in the state.

An important part of the coursework is the primary care preceptorship, a three- to four-day rotation during which students live and work with a primary care physician. Sites are available across North Carolina. In addition, the School of Medicine sponsors programs to provide students with community experiences in non-clinical settings. Student organizations provide opportunities for participation in special projects such as health screenings in shopping centers and sponsorship of special activities and fundraising events to benefit particular groups of patients and their families.