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Decision Timeline

The Admissions Committee will usually discuss a candidate’s application within several weeks of that applicant’s interview day. However, in most cases (around 95% of the time) the Admissions Committee will not make a final decision at that first presentation. We aim to fill the class at about the rate we’re progressing through the interviews. Since the turn of the calendar year is approximately the half-way point of the application cycle, we typically have between 35 to 45 of our 86 seats filled at that time. At regular intervals throughout the interview season (late August to early March), the Admissions Committee reviews all applicants who they have considered but not yet decided upon (so that applicants are viewed in comparison with the entire interviewed applicant pool, and not just the subgroup with whom they were considered at their initial Committee appearance). Once the Admissions Committee is certain of the action they wish to take on an applicant, an e-mail with that decision is sent to the applicant. Conceivably, someone could interview in August or September and not hear from the Admissions Committee until late April (by which time all decisions have been made). On the main page of our website ( we have a “BSOM Admissions Update” button that provides current information on the application cycle (how many offers have been made, etc.).

We do ask some applicants to remain under consideration during the summer on our alternate pool (“wait list”). This group is usually smaller than the entering class size, since experience proves that only a dozen or so seats typically open up between mid-May and the start of classes in early August. The list is not ranked, which allows the Admissions Committee to utilize any new information that may become available (spring semester grades, recent publications, etc.).