Brody School of Medicine

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Early Assurance Program

Each year the East Carolina University Honors College invites outstanding high school seniors to apply for this competitive academic program, which also allows them to compete for undergraduate Merit Scholarships. Invited students typically have high GPAs and SAT scores, and have excelled in many academic and extracurricular activities. Many of these students indicate a desire to attend medical school after college.

In an effort to attract more superb students to ECU, the Honors College and the Brody School of Medicine offer an Early Assurance Program for the BSOM. Under this program, approximately four of the 86 seats in the BSOM entering class are reserved (four years in advance) for selected students who are North Carolina residents entering ECU as freshmen. All applicants to the ECU Honors College are asked to indicate if they are interested in the Early Assurance Program, and a select group of interested nominees are subsequently interviewed by BSOM Admission Committee representatives as part of the selection process. The BSOM contingent then ranks these applicants after the interview process is completed, and positions in the Early Assurance Program are offered accordingly. An appropriate number of alternate candidates are also named and encouraged to participate in program activities, so that they will be eligible to fill any vacancies that may occur over the ensuing four years.

All alternates are encouraged to apply to the BSOM as Early Decision candidates during their senior year of college, since they will have developed into outstanding candidates for medical school as a consequence of their participation in the Early Assurance Program.