Brody School of Medicine

ECU Brody School of Medicine Bulletin

Selection Factors

Factors considered by Admissions Committee members as they review applicants to the Brody School of Medicine encompass the intellectual, personal, and social development of each individual. In order to assess these areas, the committee uses a variety of data, including:
  • Grades and other indicators of academic achievement
  • Level of achievement on the MCAT and any other available standardized tests
  • The personal, professional, and employment experiences of the applicant
  • Evaluations from faculty members who have taught the applicant (either individual or committee)
  • Letters of reference from employers, acquaintances, and other individuals
  • Interviews conducted by members of the Admissions Committee, and any other pertinent available information
Since there are no rigid cut-offs or formulas used in the selection of medical students, each applicant is viewed as an individual. All available information is considered in order to best determine that applicant’s character and qualifications for the study of medicine. The Brody School of Medicine acknowledges its responsibility as a state-supported school to select students and train physicians who will meet the needs of all residents of North Carolina. In meeting this responsibility, the School of Medicine seeks competent students of diverse personalities and backgrounds. In particular, special effort is made to include in each entering class students from a variety of geographical, economic, and ethnic groups. It follows that all applicants are evaluated by the Admissions Committee without discrimination based on race/ethnicity, color, creed, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, veteran status, political affiliation, genetic information, or disability.