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Class of 1986
1986 Graduates
R1: (front row, left to right) William E. Laupus (Dean), Keith A. Britt, Cynthia Hartman-Hill, Christy L. Clayton, Byron A. Stratas, Philip C. Yount Jr, Robert W. Wilson, Richard T. Williams, Jay H. Warrick, Roy W. Watkins, John D. Weipert, Thomas G. Irons (Asst Prof of Pediatrics - Convocation speaker)
R2: John A. Smith Jr, T. Kenneth Taylor III, Jerry T. Price, Keith A. Metzler, Richard L. Gilbert Jr, Frank F. Humbles, John P. Holt Jr, Emerson E. Harrison, Russell T. Garland, Mark S. Chandler, Anthony T. Burnett
R3: Zane T. Walsh Jr, Ranjan Sharma, Willis M. Privott Jr, Linda McClain, John P. Goforth, T. Glen Gray, Keith G. Harpe, Eric H. Dellinger, A. Lynn Eason, James T. Cornwell, Thomas K. Barefoot, W. Benjamin Hatcher
R4: Robert E. Seymour III, James A. Smith, David W. Link, Steven H. Prevatte, Catherine D. Popkin, J. Gregory Nelson, Ronald F. Mullis Jr, Horace R. Long, William H. Dascombe, Wiley M. Davis Jr, C. Christian Hamilton, Gail A. Allen, Lynne W. Chapman
R5: (back row) Takao L. Sato, Donald A. Ribeiro, Anne B. Morton, T. Chuck Mills, E. Vennecia Jackson, Dennice H. Herman, David D. Fraser, Tammy L. Lum, Rosa E. Cuenca, Mary M. Jones, Stephen W. Jones, John W. Boyd, Patience E. Bosley, Kenneth Aung-Din, Susan H. Andersen, Gilbert R. Alligood Jr

Brody Medical Sciences courtyard, May 9, 1986