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The Brody School of Medicine Alumni

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Class of 2009
2009 Graduates
Front left (standing alone with blue hood): Virginia Hardy (Sr Assoc Dean for Academic Affairs)
R1: (front row, left to right) Paul R.G. Cunningham (Dean and Sr Assoc VC for Medical Affairs), Celeste T. Campbell, Katherine B. Strickland, Lindsay R. Roofe, Emilie E. Pendley, Marie S. Rowe, Kerry C. Shum, Adrian Jacobs, Toni C. Oxendine, Kimberly R. Smith, K. Brooke M. Chalk, Rachel A. Simpson, Iliana A. Neumann, Sarah L. Prim, Eric R. Mitchell, Roytesa Savage (Asst Dean for Student Affairs)
R2: Bryan K. Dunn, Hunter A. Coore, Nathaniel K. Pleasant, Pui-Nn Ho, Laura M. Nasrallah, Crysten M. Brinkley, Christopher P. Kragel, Joshua G. Porter, Daniel A. Leach, Emily R. White, Jessica R. Ange, Alethea Y. Barrino, Evdoxia E. Kyritsis, Ellen C. Finney
R3: Terri S. Giles, Jeremy M. Kilburn, Daren M. Beam, Shelby A. Kaplan, K. Laurie Green, Justin M. Bennett, G. Daniel Becerra, Velvet M. Patterson, Kyle E. Geissler, Lauren N. Welsh, Bradley H. Evans, Mandrill R. Taylor, S. Adnan Mustafa, Ryan T. Holland, Jennifer K. Wagstaff, Paige D. Clark, Kathryn S. Williams
R4: (back row) Todd N. Hodges, Christopher T. Buller, John A. Narron, John D. Bream, Jerrod J. Felder, Heath M. Jones, D. Clinton McNabb, Michael K. Ritchie, Nicolaus W. Glomb, William D. Baker, Marcus A. Carden, John T. Stanton, José J. Hernández, Ryan P. Murray, Jonathan R. Scarff, Jaques Moua, L. Christine Gilmore