Brody School of Medicine

ECU Brody School of Medicine Bulletin

Fourth Year
(Note: The Brody School of Medicine Curriculum is subject to change)

Purpose of your Senior Year

The final year of medical school is designed to strengthen areas of weakness, explore possible specialty choices, enhance clinical insight and develop skills that will make the student a better physician.

Students will apply knowledge from the basic and clinical sciences that they have gained during the past three years. The senior year is designed to promote professional diversity and personal growth; its flexibility enables students to use this time to explore areas of interest, above all, to pursue active experiences in-patient care sufficient to provide the basic skills necessary for doctor/patient interaction.

The overall goal for the senior year is to encourage and facilitate the acquisition of perspective in the student's chosen area of future practice, as well as medicine in general, to provide an opportunity for exposure in specific areas of clinical interest, to improve readiness for residency by strengthening areas of weakness by providing advanced learning experience with increased responsibilities, and to encourage further development of basic science and research interest.
M4 Requirements:

Class of 2019 M4 Requirements
  • 4 weeks - Acting Internship (AI) - BSOM or Away
  • 4 weeks - Emergency Medicine - BSOM
  • 4 weeks - Intensive Care Unit (ICU) - BSOM
  • 4 weeks - Neurology & Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation - BSOM
  • 4 weeks - Primary Care (PC) - Ambulatory at BSOM or Away
  • 4 weeks - Primary Care in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine or Pediatrics Advanced Core Clinical Rotations (ACCR)
  • 2 weeks - Surgery - Advanced Core Clinical Rotations (ACCR)
  • 18 weeks - Electives - BSOM or Away
  • 1 week - Transition to M4 - BSOM
  • 1 week - Transition to Residency - BSOM
  • 8 weeks - Flex (personal study/residency interviews)

Total= 54 weeks

Clinical Gross Human Anatomy


Acting Internship in Cardiology Inpatient
Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
Clinical Cardiology
Pediatric Cardiology
Primary Care Medicine and Cardiology in Nicaragua

Educational Courses

Personal and Professional Financial Management
Transition into Residency
Leadership in Hospital Administration
Basic Medical Spanish

Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine

Family Medicine
Acting Internship in Geriatrics
Advanced Family Medicine-Family Practice Center
Community Oriented Primary Care
Inpatient Acting Internship in Family Medicine
Nutrition and Patient Education/Ambulatory Care
Sports Medicine
Healthcare Leadership and Policy
International Cultural Immersion Experience (Zambia) PC

Internal Medicine
Acting Internship-Hematology/Oncology Inpatient
Acting Internship-General Internal Medicine Acting Internship-Nephrology
Acting Internship-Neurology Inpatient
Adult Infectious Diseases
Clinical Research in Pulmonary Diseases
Critical Care Medicine
Endocrinology and Metabolism
General Internal Medicine-VA Medical Center
General Internal Medicine-VA Outpatient Clinic
Pulmonary Diseases-Outpatient

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
General Outpatient Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

Medical Humanities
Electives in Medical Humanities
History of Medicine
Introduction to Healthcare Delivery & Policy
Introduction to Law and Medicine
Introduction to Social Medicine
Issues at the End of Life
Leadership of Teams and Medical Practice
Literature and Medicine
Philosophy and Medicine
Spirituality and Medicine

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Acting Internship in Gynecology
Community Obstetrics and Gynecology
Global Health in Guatemala
Perinatal Medicine
Women's Health Elective

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Forensic Pathology
Acting Internship Pathology

Acting Internship in Pediatric Wards
Acting Internship in Hematology/Oncology
Acting Internship in Ambulatory Pediatrics
Acting Internship in Neonatology
Adolescent Medicine
Caring for Children with Special Health Care Needs
Critical Care/PICU
Current Issues in Clinical Genetics
Normal Newborn Medicine
Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Pediatric Neurology
Community Pediatrics (various sites)

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Acting Internship in Pediatric Rehabilitation
Ambulatory Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Clinical Neuroscience
Geriatric Rehabilitation
Introduction to Rehabilitation Medicine

Psychiatric Medicine

Acting Internship-Inpatient Psychiatry
Child and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatry (AI)
Consultation & Liaison Psychiatry
Outpatient Psychiatry
Substance Abuse Disorders

Diagnostic Imaging Radiology

Acting Internship in General Surgery
Acting Internship in Trauma Surgery
Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Surgical Critical Care
Acting Internship in Surgical Oncology
Acting Internship Pediatric Surgery