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The Brody School of Medicine Office of Compliance
Compliance Wise-Fall 2007



Attention Physicians:  If Your Fax Number Changes (or Has Recently Changed), Please Be Sure to Notify the PCMH Medical Staff Support Office to Prevent Patient Privacy Mishaps

It is very important to notify the PCMH Medical Staff Support Office at (252) 847-8485 if there is ever a change in your fax number. By providing timely notification, PCMH can modify the fax number programmed into their fax machines that automatically fax lab results and other patient test results to your office. If your fax number changes and you fail to notify PCMH, in addition to not potentially receiving your patient’s test results on a timely basis, you might also place the privacy of your patient’s health information at risk since those test results may be delivered to an unknown source. Therefore, always be sure to keep PCMH Medical Staff Support Office timely informed of changes to your fax number.