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The Brody School of Medicine Office of Compliance
Compliance Wise-Fall 2007



Reminder Regarding BSOM Prescribing Guidelines

Providers and Clinical Staff are reminded and cautioned that:

  • NO provider may write prescriptions for a patient that has not been medically evaluated
  • All prescribing activity must be documented in the electronic medical record
  • NO provider should write prescriptions for themselves or family members, except in the case of acute, minor illness or medical emergency.
  • NO clinical staff should phone in or authorize prescriptions without the express authority of the provider and such authorization should be documented in the EMR.  Failure to follow this rule of law may result in dismissal from the university and/or criminal prosecution.
  • Providers may designate representatives to phone in or authorize prescriptions but are encouraged to limit this to skilled clinical staff, preferably RNs and LPNs.
  • Pharmacists both at ECU and at private sites have the right and responsibility to refuse to fill prescriptions that they feel are in violation of any of these standards.

Please note that these reminders are intended to assist our clinicians in providing our patients with the highest quality of patient care and are based, in part, on the established policies of the North Carolina Medical Board and the Professional Practice Guidelines and Expectations of the Brody School of Medicine.

Please direct any questions to Dr. Nicholas Benson, Acting Medical Director at (252) 744-7400.