Compliance Program

The Brody School of Medicine (BSOM) has adopted a School-wide Compliance Program which provides a framework for BSOM compliance with applicable healthcare state and federal laws and regulations in areas including but not limited to billing and reimbursement, the Federal Anti-kickback Statute, the Prohibition on Physician Self-Referrals (the Stark law), conflict of interest disclosures and research. The Compliance Program is not intended to set forth every program and practice that is designed to effect compliance, but rather to provide a framework that will guide the overall compliance effort of BSOM. The Compliance Program has been developed to incorporate the seven required elements of an effective compliance program as described by the Office of Inspector General in its compliance guidance for physician group practices. The Compliance Program affects all areas of the BSOM operations, and all faculty, staff, and contractors of the BSOM are expected to participate in the Program and abide by its requirements.