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Core Values

We value:

  • the potential of every student to grow, change and to continue learning throughout the lifespan
  • strong relationships as the primary vehicle in helping others to learn new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving, including collaboration with Brody faculty, within the university community and partnering with other Brody offices to provide comprehensive support services to students
  • an emphasis on prevention of problems via psychoeducation, early intervention, wellness promotion and outreach
  • respect for diversity of individuals, their cultures, languages, lifestyles, identities, ideologies, intellectual capacities, personalities, and capabilities
  • a student centered perspective since students are the driving force behind our efforts; empowering students and continuously creating opportunities for students to develop as physicians-in-training are a major focus
  • an empathic and welcoming environment which fosters a sense of wellness and nurturing for all
  • professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality in each student/staff/faculty interaction

Institutional Learning Objectives:

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