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Faculty/Staff Advice
As faculty members here at BSOM, you may be the first person to recognize signs in students who would benefit from a referral to the Office of Student Development and Academic Counseling (OSDAC). You may also interact with students who might benefit from additional support or opportunities for self-development.

Some signs of distress that BSOM faculty may see in students:
  • Time management problems
  • Repeated requests for extensions or special consideration
  • Difficulty understanding how to study in medical school
  • Concerns about being in the wrong occupational field
  • Excessive test anxiety
  • Smells of alcohol on breath or appears to be under the influence of a substance
  • Sudden changes in appearance or behavior
  • Appears excessively lethargic
  • Social withdrawal or disinterest
  • Excessively depressed mood, tearfulness
  • Displays disruptive behavior in class
  • Makes threatening comments in class or online
How do I refer students to OSDAC?
We generally recommend that the student contact us directly at 252.744.2500. However, if the student feels that he/she needs your assistance in making the first contact with us, you can visit at Brody 4N-51, call us at 252.744.2500, or e-mail the office at osdac@ecu.edu. Students who initiate the contact often take more responsibility for their decision to get help. The front office staff can also assist you with setting up appointments. Student referral forms are also available through our office.