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Brody P.A.S.S. - Peer Assisted Study Sessions

Peer connections can positively impact your academic performance and overall adjustment to medical school!

Brody P.A.S.S. (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) are student facilitated small groups created to enhance and improve academic performance in the first year of medical school.  Based on the exam results from the first exams in courses such as Microbiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry and Neuroscience, students can volunteer to become a facilitator or enroll as a participant. Facilitators are approved by faculty, based on exam performance. Brody P.A.S.S. is designed to support students in understanding challenging material through collaborative learning opportunities.

Each group establishes the frequency of meeting, the format and the goals of the study session. Our office will make the room reservations for the groups.

Some responses from BSOM students:

“I am a very introverted person; being in a group setting forced me to open up a little which provided a more enriching learning experience.”

“Everyone has different study habits and (they) pick up different aspects of lecture material, so it is interesting and beneficial to talk through concepts and how others have viewed them/processed them.”

Contact the Office of Student Development and Academic Counseling for an application 744-2500.