M4 Research Elective

Underrepresented minorities make up a small percentage of the physician workforce and an even smaller percentage of academic physicians. In order to address this concern the Office of Diversity Affairs has created a research elective for year four medical students. This elective, which has research and writing components, is designed to expose the learner to project design and development, data acquisition, analysis, write-up and publication. A goal of this elective is to encourage the learner to pursue careers in academic medicine serving underrepresented groups.

At the conclusion of this elective the student should be able to:
  • Define the four basic components of a research question. P=Problem, Patient or Population, I=Intervention, C=Comparison, O=Outcome (PICO).
  • Demonstrate the ability to utilize a four-step process to outline a manuscript.
  • Create the three paragraph introduction questions for manuscript framework.
  • Create the three questions to address for the discussion section of a manuscript.
  • Analyze two articles that pertain to underrepresented minority in medicine faculty and determine manuscript type and study design based on the Oxford Centre for evidence based medicine levels of evidence (2009) and the work of Ebell et al. Strength of Recommendation Taxonomy (SORT) 2004.
  • Utilizing Pubmed, Google Scholar, librarians and other resources as needed, identify journals that focus their efforts on publications related to minorities.