The WES is a fully automated system that uses a quantitative capillary electrophoresis-based  technique that can be used for both immunoprobing (western analysis)  or total protein labeling. Users simply add their samples and their primary antibody or labeling reagent into the pre-filled assay plate purchased from the manufacturer.   Sample loading, separation, immunoprobing or total protein labeling, washing, detection and quantitative data analysis are done automatically in 3 hours. 

  • two sizes for capillary cartridges - 25 sample and 13 sample
  • two molecular weight ranges - 12-230kDa and 66-440kDa
  • separate kits for western blot and total protein analysis
  • current master kits contain either anti-mouse or anti-rabbit secondary antibody
  • COMPASS analysis software -  can be downloaded to user's lab computer for data management

Once users have been trained on the system, they can reserve WES using the online calendar. Contact Cindy Kukoly at kukolyc@ecu.edu or Anagha Malur at malura@ecu.edu for more information.

Link to consumables & reagents.

Price list for consumables - July 2015 (pdf)

How Simple Westerns on WES work.








Laser Capture Microdissection Core Laboratory is located in
Brody 3E-94
Zeiss Confocal Microscope and WES are located in
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