Flow Cytometry/Confocal Microscopy Core Facility


Becton Dickinson AriaFusion Cell Sorter

  • 4 lasers
  • 16 parameter capability
  • Capacity for flow/sorting on:
    • Live human cells
    • BSL2 infected samples

ECU Cytometry Core Home

Welcome to the Cytometry Core Laboratory at East Carolina University.  The Flow Cytometry Core Facility was established in 1987 with the goal of providing investigators at East Carolina University (both Medical School and East campus researchers) access to state-of-the-art cell analysis technology.  The facility is available to all ECU researchers, operating as a fee for service laboratory.  Training is available to enable investigators and their staff to run the analytical cytometers themselves.  The facility is located on the fourth floor of the Brody School of Medicine in rooms 4W-37 and 4W-39.  The director and administrator of the facility is Douglas Weidner, Ph.D.  To learn more about the facility or to schedule a training session, contact Dr. Weidner at 744-3245, or email weidnerd@ecu.edu.


  • BD AriaFusion Cell Sorter (4-laser, 12 color detection), options for Clonal sorting, sample temperature control, and index sorting
  • BD LSR II analytical flow cytometer (four-laser, 14 channel detection) with 96-well plate sampler
  • BD FACSVantage SE cell sorter (three laser, seven channel detection)
  • Becton     Dickinson FACScan Cytometer (one laser, three channel detection)
  • Carl Zeiss LSM510 Confocal Microscope (3 FL channel imaging/DIC overlay), located in Brody 3S-08
  • Compucyte iCys Laser Scanning Cytometer(3 FL channel plus laser-scatter imaging), located in Brody 7S-19