General Information

The BSOM Research and Graduate Studies Office promotes development and facilitation of programs in research and in pre- and post-doctoral PhD training in the biomedical sciences. The office is dedicated to sustaining excellence in graduate education and to strengthening the vital link between research and the educational process. The BSOM Research and Graduate Studies Office has oversight for research activities in the Brody School of Medicine, and coordinates activities with other divisions of the university as they relate to research and graduate studies in a collaborative fashion.  The Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies, in collaboration with the Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, has oversight of the graduate program in the School of Medicine and the its 6 PhD programs and one Master's in Biomedical Sciences program.

The office oversees research related policy development and implementation, assurance of academic integrity in research endeavors and compliance with federal, state and local regulations pertaining to research, monitors external funding awarded for research and School of Medicine dollars spent to support research, has oversight of core facilities and shared resources, promotes interdisciplinary research between basic and clinical departments, and fosters an increase in external funding of research programs, improvement in research infrastructure, and provides the administration and management of grants/contracts for the Brody School of Medicine.

The primary responsibilities with respect to graduate studies are to develop, facilitate and oversee programs to sustain excellence in graduate education. It has oversight of the doctoral (PhD) programs in the School of Medicine by facilitating recruiting efforts, guiding routine activities such as enrollment and admission, registration each semester, encouraging application for pre-doctoral fellowships, administering graduate fellowships, and ensuring student application for North Carolina residency.

The strategic plan for research at the Brody School of Medicine is to create a culture of inquiry and scholarship that fosters research excellence through mentorship and support of scientists, both physician and basic, and to expand interdisciplinary and interdepartmental research efforts through improved collaboration, communication and effective utilization of resources.

The purpose of the Research Committee is to advise the dean on the development of the school’s research productivity and on appropriate utilization of the core research facilities of the school. Its membership includes four clinical sciences faculty and four basic sciences faculty. The school’s academic center directors will serve as resources to the committee.