PhIFI Core Facility

User Registration

Lab/User Registration, Annual Fees and PhosphorImage Screens

Registration is available to ECU faculty only, and is valid for all members of the faculty member's lab.

To register, please download the PDF Registration Form with instructions, and print the form. After completing the Registration Form, please forward via campus mail to:

Ms. Gail (Dee) Brown
BSOM Research and Graduate Studies
Brody School of Medicine, Room 4W54
East Carolina University

Download Registration Form (pdf)

Because of the support of the NCBC and DRG grants, user fees for PhIFI will be kept to a minimum. An annual Lab User Fee of $550.00 will be collected from the PI's ECU account upon registration. This fee covers PhIFI use by ALL registered members of a User lab for one complete year. Each lab may register up to 10 members. User accounts/rental fees are managed by Ms. Gail (Dee) Brown in the BSOM Research and Graduate Studies. Funds from this account will to pay for the annual service contract and materials and upkeep for the facility. Questions about Registration Fees or Account Transfers should be directed to Ms. Gail (Dee) Brown, Brody 4W54 (252-744-9346).

New Phosphorimage screens (8" x 10", $1218 value from Amersham) may be signed out from the Facility (Dr. Keiper, 5S-28). The new screens are thin plastic-backed to fit into standard film cassettes. Older metal-backed screens may not be used on Typhoon 9410 as they may scratch the expensive glass platten.

Initial Use and User Sign-In

Only users whose name and ECU login appear on the completed Registration Form will be able to login to the scanner and analysis stations. All first time users must see Dr. Nick Polakowski or Dr. Brett Keiper to receive computer access authorization. (Please contact them by email in advance.)

After initial setup is complete, the user will be able to login on both scanner and analysis workstations on their own. If, at anytime, you are uncertain about proper use or clean up of the Typhoon, please see a lab member in 5S-28.

**All Registered Faculty are responsible for proper use of the Typhoon, data management and clean up of the instrument by users from their laboratories.**