Shared Resources Committee


To make recommendations to the Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies concerning the best ways to expend available funds to facilitate research across departmental boundaries.

Funding of Shared Equipment

The committee would respond to requests for major pieces of equipment that would service significant groups of investigators and generate up-keep/service contract costs through user fees.

Off-Campus Instrumentation Services

The committee would aid in defraying costs for investigators using off campus sites for techniques that we can not afford to have in-house. This would include but not limited to: MALDI-Mass Spec proteomic analysis, micro array preparation and analysis, protein sequencing, amino acid analysis etc. The idea would be to subsidize the investigator such that the fee paid for the off-campus service would be similar to that charged a member of that institution. For example UNC-CH charges its own faculty $18/primer for DNA sequencing but ECU faculty pay $32/primer. We would subsidize our investigator such that he/she would be paying the $18/primer. In addition, the committee would, based on merit, recommend payment of the full fee for an unfunded investigator, if the data would significantly enhance the investigators chance of obtaining extramural funding.

Instructional Seminars

The committee would respond to requests for bringing to the School of Medicine, experts in specific techniques to aid groups of investigators in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of applications. For example, the use of interference RNA is expanding exponentially within the research community. There are caveats to its use and interpretation of data obtained. The committee would recommend payment of the cost for bringing an expert to the School of Medicine for lectures on this topic.

Grant Reviews

The committee would facilitate external review of grant applications for investigators. Our current faculty does not have the expertise to critically review most of the grant applications generated at the School of Medicine. Arrangements would be made to have the grant reviewed by two experts outside the School of Medicine for a $300 honorarium. Review would be performed on a time line that would enable the investigator to respond to the outside critiques prior to submission. This would be a significant aid to new investigators. In the future, we hope this program will be initiated by the Vice Chancellor for the Division of Research & Graduate Studies on behalf of the entire University.

Information for Shared Resources Application

The office will support the purchase of equipment to be used by groups of investigators across departmental lines for the advancement of research at the Brody SOM. This is an investment in the development of stronger programs meant to result in increased extramural funding.

While not exclusive, those applications demonstrating support across departmental lines, endorsed by multiple departmental chairs and demonstrating a list of faculty users who are currently funded and/or can tie the use of the instrument to a particular set of experiments or specific aim of a grant will be highly considered. Moreover, those applications indicating that matching funds may be available from either the department or another source such as North Carolina Biotechnology Center will be given additional consideration.

The application should be no longer than 1 page detailing the need, use and how the department responsible for housing the instrument anticipates dealing with upkeep and maintenance costs. An appended list of potential users with each indicating in a one or two sentence their specific use of the requested equipment, related to a current or submitted grant application and their current extramural funding status is also required. A price quote for the requested instrument must be attached.

A fee for service may be charged and managed through the Office of Research & Graduate Studies, if not a list of users (sign-in log) must be kept and a report made yearly to the office.

Application for Requesting Time on Shared Equipment

The Shared Resources Committee has approved a program that will allow faculty to use/access the shared instrumentation at BSOM that normally requires user fees. The purpose of this program is to promote the generation of preliminary research data for grant/contract application submissions. The use/time will be approved by the Committee based on a short proposal. The Committee requires that the allocated time (cost) be paid back from returned F&A or GLS dollars when and if the project is funded. Awards will be made to individual PIs who demonstrate both scientific merit and financial need.

The following shared equipment is available for use: BD LSR-II and BD FACScans (flow cytometers), BD FACSVantage SE (cell sorter), PhIFI core facility (Typhoon scanner), iCys (laser scanning cytometer) and the confocal microscope (Zeiss LSM 510).

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