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ADA Accommodations

It is the policy of Brody School of Medicine to work with students to assist them in achieving their educational goals, including successful academic achievement leading to the completion of the medical curriculum and graduation.  The SOM provides accommodations, support services and skill development interventions through the Office of Student Affairs and the Academic Support and Enrichment Center. Students requesting disability accommodations must first self identify to the Office of Disability Support Services on the East Carolina University main campus:

East Carolina University
Department of Disability Support Services
A-117 Brewster Building
Greenville, NC 27858

The Department of Disability Support Services will advise the Office of Student Affairs at Brody School of Medicine concerning recommended accommodations.  Please access the web-site above for additional information.

If you have not been diagnosed with a learning disability but have had difficulties in learning, language, mathematics or reading or are aware of a physical, psychological, social or environmental impairment that might negatively affect your academic progress, you should make an appointment with the Academic Support and Enrichment Center. That office will assist you in obtaining appropriate documentation if indicated.

The National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) determines the documentation and defines the criteria to be met in determining whether a disability warrants accommodation on the USMLE examinations. Accommodation on the USMLE exams is not guaranteed because a student has received accommodation at Brody School of Medicine. Students with questions about accommodations on the USMLE examinations must contact the national board of medical examiners (NBME) directly for information about the review process, criteria and documentation required. A student qualifying for an accommodation at the Brody SOM may not qualify for an accommodation from another entity or organization. Even though a student is required to pass USMLE Step 1 (the first part of a three part national medical licensure process) prior to completing the third year of the medical school curriculum and has received an accommodation from the BrodySOM, another organization is not bound to provide the identical type of accommodation or any accommodation.