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M4 Requirements for the Class of 2020
  • 4 weeks - Acting Internship (AI) - BSOM or Away
  • 4 weeks - Emergency Medicine - BSOM 
  • 4 weeks - Intensive Care Unit (ICU) - BSOM
  • 4 weeks - Neurology & Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation - BSOM
  • 4 weeks - Primary Care (PC) - Ambulatory at BSOM or Away
  • 22 weeks - Electives - BSOM or Away
  • 1 week - Transition to M4 - BSOM
  • 3 week - Transition to Residency - BSOM
  • 8 weeks - Flex (personal study/residency interviews)
  • 54 weeks- TOTAL
**Please note that a student can only take 8 weeks of non-clinical work, no more than 12 weeks in their speciality, and 6 weeks of online work during their M4 year.

USMLE Requirements


Class of 2020

Scheduling Documents:
     Worksheet Example
     Special Permission


Class of 2020
Course Listings by REQUIREMENT

Course Recommendations by SPECIALTY
Curriculum/Course Descriptions (OME WEBPAGE)

Clinical Gross Human Anatomy


ICU: Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU)
Cardiothoracic Surgery 
Cardiovascular Surgery ICU Elective
AI: Cardiology Inpatient

Health System Transformation & Leadership
Medical Education & Teaching

Leadership in Hospital Administration
Introduction to Research on Underrepresented Minorities in Medicine

Emergency Ultrasound 
Emergency Medicine CLERKSHIP
Director: Richard Garri, MD
Assistant Director: Kimberly Alford MD
Coordinator: Palmer Watson

AI: Inpatient Family Medicine
PC: Advanced Family Medicine at FMC
AI: Geriatrics
Nutrition & Patient Education
Extremes of Age
PC/IDE: Community Family Medicine-Ambulatory
PC: Community Oriented Primary Care - GCSC & Grimesland
PC: Sports Medicine
Healthcare Leadership & Policy
PC: International Cultural Immersion Experience (Zambia)
Hospice and Palliative Care
PC: Primary Care Medicine & Cardiology in Nicaragua

Adult Infectious Diseases
Clinical Research - Pulmonary Disease
Endocrinology and Metabolism
AI: General Internal Medicine
AI: Inpatient Neurology
PC/IDE: Community General Internal Medicine-Ambulatory
AI: Inpatient Nephrology
Pulmonary Disease (Outpatient)
Pulmonary Consults
Outpatient Hematology/Oncology
PC: General Internal Medicine-VA (Greenville)
ICU: Medicine Intensive Care Unit (MICU)

PC: General Outpatient Internal Med/Peds
AI: Internal Med/Peds (Duplin)
AI: Internal Med/Peds (Edgecomb)

PC: Internal Med/Psychiatry

IDE: Humanities and Medicine - self arranged with faculty
Health Care Delivery & Policy
Philosophy & Medicine
Women in Medicine
Issues at the End of Life
Spirituality & Medicine
Leadership of Teams/Medical Practice
Doctors and Lawyers
Medical Ethics and War

Neurology and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation CLERKSHIP
Director: John Norbury, MD
Coordinator: Debra Mercer

AI: Gynecology
PC/IDE: Community Obstetrics and Gynecology (Ambulatory)
PC: Women's Health
AI: Perinatal Medicine
Women's Health Education/Practice

AI: Subspecialty Pathology
Forensic Pathology
Experimental Pathology

AI: Inpatient Pediatric Wards
AI: Ambulatory Peds
ICU: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
PC: Adolescent Medicine
Pediatric Neurology
AI: Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Pediatric Nephrology
Diabetes Camp: Camp Needles in the Pines

ICU: Pediatric Critical Care Unit (PICU)
PC/IDE: Community Pediatrics-Ambulatory
Medical Genetics
AI: Normal Newborn Medicine
Outpatient Pediatric Hematology & Oncology

Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition
Pediatric Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine
Healthy Weight Clinic


Intro to Physical Medicine & Rehab (for VISITING STUDENTS only)
Ambulatory Physical Medicine and Rehab Elective


Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
AI: Inpatient Psychiatry

AI: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Outpatient Psychiatry

Eclectic Psychiatry

Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry


Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)

AI: Surgical Oncology
ICU: Surgical Critical Care Unit (SICU)
AI: Trauma Surgery
Plastic & Reconstruction Surgery
AI: Plastic Surgery
AI: Pediatric Surgery
Transplant Surgery

Unavailable for 2019-2020
Business in Medicine
Literature and Medicine
AI: Hematology/Oncology Inpatient
PC: General Internal Medicine - VA (Morehead City)
PC: Community Obstetrics & Gynecology (Pitt County Health Department)
AI: Surgical Pathology
PC: Caring for children with Special Needs
Clinical Genetics - Current Issues
Surgery in the Community-Lenior
Surgery in the Community-Edenton
AI: Pediatric Rehabilitation


At the conclusion of each course, the student's performance will be evaluated using "H", "A", "B", "C", "F", "P" or "F" depending on the course requirement. Any grade of "IP" will convert to a letter grade once the coursework is completed.  If the coursework is not completed by the end of the following term, it will convert to an "F". 

For grade discrepancies see "Grade Appeal Process".

Grades will be requested through E*Value.  Students on away-rotations should submit an appropriate evaluator's name and email address to the Office of Student Affairs while at that location.  A paper version of the evaluation is located in the "Forms" section of this webpage as an alternative for non-BSOM preceptors who would prefer not to use E*Value.

Liability Insurance

Students are covered under Professional Medical Liability for rotations completed in the US.  It does NOT cover students on International rotations.

DROP/ADD - Schedule Changes

A Drop/Add procedure was developed at the request of the BSOM Course Directors to provide a mechanism to monitor and control roster changes. Course Directors may refuse (although this is rare) to approve the change if they believe it is not in the student's best interest, is detrimental to the quality of the overall educational program, or deemed to be unprofessional in light of student obligations and responsibilities.

Drop/Add Instructions

  • A completed and signed Drop/Add form must be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs, Brody 2S-20 to make schedule changes to Brody Catalog courses once open drop/add has ended.
  • Changes are due 30 days before the courses begin.
  • The course director's or administrative assistant's permission is required by either signature or attached email (contact information is listed by specialty above).
  • Occasionally the course director/coordinator will ask that you check with OSA for information regarding available slots, but usually they will already know this.
  • If a change is needed in under 30 days, due to unforeseen circumstances, you may request an exemption through OSA.

Email notification, rather than a Drop/Add form, is required for changes to self-arranged away rotations (other universities, IDE's, community electives)

If circumstances prevent a student from completing a scheduled rotation, he/she will be required to make up the missed time or receive an unsatisfactory grade for the rotation.


  • Up to 8 weeks of FLEX (2 week increments) may be used for interviews, Step 2 study time or personal use.
  • 2 weeks of FLEX may be paired with a 2 week elective (ie. FLEX9422/CVSU9413).
  • FLEX may not be taken during during the final block in April.

Note: The number of FLEX weeks available for scheduling will be reduced by the number of weeks required to remediate or make up third year course work.



  • Senior students are expected to assume, in many respects, the role of a physician  and to recognize the needs of patients through clinic service coverage, regardless of weekends and holidays.  
  • Mandatory Holidays for senior medical students are:
    Winter Holiday/Term Break
    Match Day  (If a medical student does not obtain a position in the NRMP Match, he/she also receives off the three days of the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP).
  • Senior medical students may be allowed to observe other holidays at the discretion of the course director or designated resident on the service. 

To complete the AAMC immunization form for VSAS, complete the identifying information on page one and send it to Student Health  Services (SHS) at SHS will complete the form and notify you of any missing immunizations or titers that are needed and help you with an appointment. They will scan the final, signed copy to you.

Contact the Brody registrar to have your transcript uploaded to VSAS.

Student Affairs (OSA) will send you your senior photo in late February for you to load to VSAS. 

OSA will upload any Letters of Recommendation (LoR) that are received for VSAS.

Drug Screens, Immunizations and Criminal Background Checks

LCME ACCREDITED Medical Schools and Residency programs (----9475) 
                     ("----" signifies the specialty prefix from the catalog-Family Med is FMLY, etc.)

  • Check for an online catalog at the site of interest in order to review course availability, course descriptions, dates, calendar information, and visiting student application requirements. Use this link to search for schools/courses:
  • Check if the medical school/ residency program uses the Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS). Through VSAS students may search and apply to more than 140 schools and programs:
  • For directions on how to use the system:
  • If the institution does not use VSAS, follow the application directions that their website provides.
  • Institutions are all different. Carefully follow their instructions or your application will not be processed. Student Affairs is able to help with required documents, etc.
  • When an application is accepted, the student will receive confirmation via letter, email, or standard acceptance form.
  • *Submit a copy of the acceptance to the Office of Student Affairs. The confirmation must include the course title and the dates of enrollment.
  • *Submit a copy of the course description from the school's website to enable Student Affairs to determine if a course will be given PC, AI or Elective Credit.
  • Some courses may start and end at times different from BSOM; Flex time or online electives may be used to assist in scheduling.

* No credit will be allowed for rotations taken without the approval and documentation indicated above.


  • Check with the appropriate military branch in order to review sites, course availability, course descriptions, dates, calendar information, and visiting student application requirements.
  • Military slots may open as early as December/January.
  • Student Affairs is able to help with required documents.
  • When an application is accepted, the student will receive confirmation via letter, email, or standard acceptance form.
  • *Submit a copy of the acceptance to the Office of Student Affairs. The confirmation must include the course title and the dates of enrollment.
  • *Submit a copy of the course description from the school's website in order to be given PC, AI or Elective Credit.
  • Some courses may start and end at times different from BSOM; Flex time or online electives may be used to assist in scheduling.

* No credit will be allowed for rotations taken without the approval and documentation indicated above.


If there is an educational experience/rotation, not offered as a course by BSOM, another medical school, residency program or the military, the student may choose to design his/her own rotation (i.e. education, research, primary care, specialty, or international elective).

The student will be required to do the following:

  • Meet with an appropriate preceptor (MD or DO) to design a course description that includes educational goals and objectives using the Individually Designed Elective form (bottom of web page). 
  • Submit the completed and signed IDE form to the Office of Student Affairs at least 2 months prior to the start of the rotation.

The IDE form will be reviewed by the Office of Medical Education to determine if it is an acceptable senior experience that will meet graduation requirements. No credit will be allowed for an IDE taken without the approval and documentation indicated above.

IDE Categories:

  • Medical Education-Independent Study(----9460)
  • Research-Independent Study(----9465) In addition to the IDE form, please submit 1 page proposal signed by your preceptor.
  • Clinical Elective in a Specialty(----9470)
  • Clinical Elective in Primary Care(FMLY9412, INMD9433, OBGY9410, PEDS9418)-(Use Community PC form in lieu of IDE form. There is a list of previously used sites in Student Affairs)
  • International Medicine-Primary Care(----9480)follow additional instructions at:
  • International Medicine-Specialty(----9481)follow additional instructions at:


AHEC Housing
Students needing away housing must go to: and fill out an online housing application  45 days before the beginning of their rotation. The preceptor and site information are needed when completing this application. Students will receive an email confirmation of housing approximately one month before the beginning of their rotation. AHEC has connections in NC as well as a number of states.
M4 Scheduling Guidelines
  • No rotation may be taken more than once at the same site.

  • Students may list specifically-designated 2 week rotations twice in the same month making a 4 week course. Check the catalog for specific courses which permit this. Some may require special permission to do so.

  • Students are limited to 12 weeks in any one specialty unless given special permission. ICU's are not counted in the specialty total.

  • Students are limited to 12 weeks at other institutions (medical schools, residency programs, military).

  • Students are limited to 6 weeks of online courses.

  • Students who are deficient academically may not do "away" rotations until the deficiency has been removed. Students may also be denied approval for "away rotations" due to code of conduct issues.

Special Permission

  • Some rotations require course director's approval prior to being added to their roster. Students must obtain the course director's signature on the Special Permission Form and submit to Student Affairs during the scheduling process to guarantee a slot. Requests may be made after the optimization process based on availability.
M4 Forms
Primary Care (for Ambulatory Community Primary Care requirement when self-arranging- FMLY9412,INMD9433,OBGY9412,PEDS9418)-due in OSA 2 months prior to start of rotation (must include preceptor's signature or attached email permission)

Individually Designed Elective (IDE) - due in OSA 2 months prior to start of elective (must include preceptor's signature or attached email permission)

Drop/Add - due in OSA 1 month prior to start date-required for courses in the Brody Catalog (must include course director's signature or attached email permission)

Evaluation for Away-Rotations  (Use only if preceptor will not use E*Value. Submit preceptor's email for E*Value whenever possible)


M4 Year



BSOM Forms - complete in OrgSync

FIT TEST (submit to Student Affairs)
Fit Test Form

HIPAA and Compliance Training/Quizzes
There are 2 modules containing slides that are followed by a quiz. 80% is required to pass. You may retest until you pass.
Log into Blackboard (MOZILLA FIREFOX IS RECOMMENDED) to look for two modules:         
          HIPAA Privacy and Basic Security            
          Compliance and Integrity

Pirate Port - update your Greenville address and emergency contact information

Campus Safety Videos