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Block/Site Scheduling

The 3rd year clerkship schedules are arranged through the Office of Student Affairs using E*Value. Each clinical department's clerkship coordinator does site scheduling within each specific clerkship.

M2 students are given scheduling options for their M3 Schedules at the M3 Scheduling Meeting in January.

Schedules will be distributed in mid-March. 

Scheduling Worksheet 2015-16
Scheduling Worksheet Example 2015-16
E*Value Instructions

Orientation/Transition to 3rd Year

Some training will take place in April and May of the M2 year (noted on the M2 Spring Calendar).  The final training will take place on the first day of the first M3 Clerkship beginning at 7:30 a.m.

Students will be updated with specifics via emails from Student Affairs.

M3 Transition/Orientation Schedule CO 2017

Reporting Information for Day One of each Clerkship

Clinical Core Clerkships
Third Year Consist of
  • Family Medicine - 8 weeks
  • Internal Medicine - 8 weeks
  • Obstetrics-Gynecology - 6 weeks
  • Pediatrics - 8 weeks
  • Psychiatric Medicine - 6 weeks
  • Surgery - 8 weeks
  • Radiology - intersession meetings
  • M3 Elective (EDMD9315 - after Psychiatry) - 2 weeks
  • M3 Elective (EDMD9320 - after OB/GYN) - 2 weeks

Clerkship Directors
  • Family Medicine - Susan Keen, MD
  • Internal Medicine - MJ Barchman, MD
  • OB/GYN - Jill Sutton, MD
  • Pediatrics - David Eldridge, MD and Coral Steffey, MD
  • Psychiatry - Pheston Shelton, MD
  • Surgery - Carl Haisch, MD and Shannon Longshore, MD
  • Radiology - Leigh Patterson, MD
  • M3 Electives - Robert Carroll, PhD

Clerkship Coordinators

M3 Electives

Brody School of Medicine students are given time in the M3 year for two 2-week clinical electives.These electives are intended to be opportunities to engage in career exploration. The electives follow the OB/GYN and Psychiatry clerkships.These are mandatory experiences, and students have the option of pursuing electives within whatever disciplines they choose. It is expected that students will most often choose electives in a clinical discipline; but an elective in a basic science discipline would also be allowed if related to career exploration.  If a student has already firmly selected a career choice, they could elect to pursue some aspect of that discipline in depth. Or, they could elect to spend time in a more "systems" oriented experience designed to enhance their understanding of health economics, health care systems, evidence-based medicine, public health, preventive medicine or similar topics. Clinical research could also serve as the basis of an elective, but needs to be part of a broader context of research (see Dr. Schmidt if this is your plan). A letter from the research mentor will also be required.

The implementation of these electives requires careful advanced planning.  The bullet points below summarize various student responsibilities:

  • Identifying a potential site and primary preceptor
  • Formulating educational objectives for the experience
  • Completing all required paperwork, including signatures of faculty-Research electives require an additional 1 page proposal signed by the preceptor.
  • Completion of an official evaluation form by a preceptor regarding student performance

It is the student's responsibility to make sure that the elective paperwork is submitted to Student Affairs in a timely fashion (2 months in advance).  Failure to submit the paperwork on time will result in a comment on timeliness/professionalism being added to the M3 Elective evaluation.

Students will not be allowed to do international rotations to fulfill the M3 elective requirements.

The electives will receive pass/fail grades in the official student transcript.
                              Clerkship        Elective Month        Application due
                   1                   August                     June
                             2                   October                    August
                             3                   December                 October
                             4                   February                   December 
                             5                   April                         February
                             6                   June                         April

M3 Elective Applications
M3  Elective Application Form - after OB/GYN and Psychiatric Medicine

03/30/2015 04:27:53 PM
M3 Elective Ideas

Students may find new preceptors/sites of their own choosing.
Students may review the M4 Catalog (found on the M4 Curriculum page) to find possible preceptors/courses. The catalog is also helpful with ideas for completing the elective application.
Students may also review the lists below for sites that previous students have used.

Past Sites for 2007-2010
Past Sites for 2010-11
Past Sites for 2011-12
Past Sites for 2012-2013