The Brody School of Medicine
Office of Student Affairs/Registrar



Policies & Procedures
Formally Chapter 10 in the Brody School of Medicine's Survival Manual

Academic Achievement Program

ADA Accommodations

Appropriate Treatment of Medical Students in the Educational Setting
Clerkship Grading: Shelf Examinations (M3)

Code of Professional Conduct

Code of Student Conduct

Dress Code PCMH

Dress Code Policy for Medical Students

Due Notice of Policy Change

ECU Parking and Transportation Services
  • Current Parking Announcements
  • Parking Permits
Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policy
Office of Equal Opportunity and Equity

  • Testing Schedule
  • Testing Policy
  • Rescheduling
Grade Appeals Process

Health Insurance/Disability Insurance/Health Services 

Infection Control Policies & Procedures

On Call Policy for M3 and M4 Students

PCMH Parking Policy

Religious Accommodation

Scrub Usage Policy (Draft 1-08)
PCMH policy

Substance Abuse Policy
ECU Student Handbook

Student Grading and Promotion
  • The Grading System
  • Student Advancement
  • Academic Dismissal Process
  • Academic Appeals Process
  • Requirements for Graduation
  • Transcripts & Academic File
Student Health and Effectiveness Committee Policy and Procedures

SOP Student Healthcare Services

The Brody School of Medicine's Educational Goals and Objectives

USMLE Step Policies
  • USMLE Step 1
  • USMLE Step 2 Clinical Knowledge
  • USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills
Writing Orders

Weather Policy

What do to for Blood/Body Fluid Exposure
Report Immediately! If source/patient is HIV positive, preventive treatment should be given as soon as possible, or within 24 hours. Call 744-2070, or 744-3545 during normal work hours (7:45-4:45).