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Visiting Medical/Osteopathic Student Program

The 2015-16 information will be updated on this page by March 1, 2015.  

In March we will provide contact information directly to the different specialty programs as we are currently decentralizing our process.  Please do not contact Student Affairs during this transition.  We will not have the answers to your questions, but will provide the links to the different departments as soon as that information is available.  The various departments are currently being trained to use VSAS and process applications from non-VSAS schools as well.   They are looking forward to working with you.

You may scroll down and review this site for general information that may answer many of your questions.

The Visiting Medical Student Program enriches both the Brody School of Medicine and the visiting medical student. Applicants must be 4th year students in good academic standing, be actively pursuing the Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree and have completed all third year core clerkships by the start of a scheduled elective.


VSAS Information


The Brody School of Medicine uses VSAS, the Visiting Student Application Service, to receive visiting fourth year medical student applications. To apply, complete and submit the electronic VSAS application for your preferred electives.

For more information on VSAS, visit or contact VSAS at .  

Only students enrolled at US LCME or US AOA accredited institutions may use VSAS to submit applications and supporting documents. 

The Brody School of Medicine is listed in VSAS under the letter "T".


General Information:

Visiting medical students will be processed through the individual departments. Their contact information will be posted here by March 1, 2015

Information for students from schools which do not use VSAS may be found further down on this page.

Visiting students are permitted a total of 8 weeks at Brody.

Each department will determine the months that electives are offered.  Even if your school does not use VSAS we recommend using their institution and elective search links to see what is available to students. 

The Brody M4 calendar and catalog of course descriptions may be viewed through the 4th Year Curriculum page found in the left margin of this page. 

If accepted, there is a $70 non-refundable Processing Fee for the first elective only. 


Elective Availability

Below is the 2014-15 list of electives available to visiting medical/osteopathic students.
Electives to be offered for 2015-16 will be posted March 1, 2015
Course descriptions may be reviewed on the "4th Year Curriculum" page (see link in the left margin).

Course US MD Schools US DO Schools

US Students @Caribbean Schools

CV413  Pediatric Cardiology  yes yes  yes
EM406  Emergency Medicine  yes yes no
FM401  AI Family Medicine yes yes  yes
FM402 Adv Ambulatory Fam Med yes yes yes
FM421  Sports Medicine  yes yes no
ME402  Adult Infectious Disease  yes yes  yes
ME416 Endocrinology/Metabolism yes yes yes
ME455 AI in Medicine (MICU) yes yes yes


Internal Med/Peds 




IP401  Internal Med/Psychiatry  yes yes yes
OB416  AI Perinatal Medicine  yes yes  no
PE401  AI Pediatric Wards  yes yes no
PE402 AI Ambulatory Peds yes yes no
PE404  AI in Neonatal (NICU)  yes yes no
PE406  Pediatric Neurology  yes yes  yes
PE409 Peds Infectious Diseases yes yes yes


AI in Peds (PICU) 




PE428  AI Normal Newborn Med  yes yes  no
PL413  Forensic Pathology  yes yes yes
PM402 Child/Adolescent Psych yes yes yes
PM408  Outpatient Psychiatry  yes yes yes
RE402 Introduction to PM&R yes yes yes
SU401 AI General Surgery yes yes no
SU420 AI Surgical Oncology yes yes yes
SU440 AI Pediatric Surgery   yes yes yes
Housing Information
If accepted, housing arrangements can be made through: 
Eastern AHEC
252.744.3082    Click on "Student Housing Application"
Non-VSAS Applicants
For US Citizens attending LCME Accredited Medical Schools (not participating with VSAS)
For US Citizens attending AOA Accredited Osteopathic Schools (not participating with VSAS)
For US Citizens attending Caribbean Medical Schools
Electives are not available to International or US Citizens from International Schools

If your school does not use VSAS, and you will be in your final year of medical school at the time of the elective, please submit the visiting student application.
Applicants must have completed and passed the core clinical clerkships required by their school prior to beginning an elective.
Applicants must meet every requirement listed in the application in order to be considered for an elective.
Applicants must submit applications at least two months in advance of the desired elective start date.
Applicants are permitted a total of 8 weeks of electives.
Electives typically run from August through January of each academic year.

If accepted, there is a $70 non-refundable Registration Fee for the first elective only.

Faxed or emailed applications will not be processed.
All application materials must be completed and included in one package.
Students will not be contacted regarding missing documents, immunizations, etc. They will be ineligible.

Mail completed packet to the coordinator of the specific department (coordinator information to be posted by March 1, 2015):

Application for students from schools which do not participate with VSAS

Non-VSAS Visiting Student Application (this document will be available in March 2015)
For US Citizens attending US Medical/Osteopathic Schools which do not use VSAS and US Citizens attending Caribbean Medical Schools