The Brody School of Medicine
Office of Student Affairs

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Test Schedule

Testing periods fall cyclically within the academic year schedule.  For each semester, there are usually two Exam Weeks, where Study or Reading days alternate with Exam days.  In addition, there are usually two other testing segments where one or two exams are given on one to two days of a designated week.  The exams are scheduled in specific time slots based on a preplanned rotational schedule according to subjects and determined by the course directors.

The policy related to Test/Exam schedules is that no changes can be made in the exam schedules as officially listed in the schedule.  This means that there is no rearranging of exams from the time slot in which they are scheduled.

Testing Policy

In order to provide more consistency during examinations for all courses, the following process is observed prior to any examinations given in all courses in the School of Medicine:

  1. All M-1 and M-2 written examinations will be taken in the Brody Auditorium.
  2. Students may have in their possession only those items necessary for taking the exam.  All books, papers, bookbags and other materials must be left outside the classroom where testing will take place.  It is recommended that items be placed in lockers or other safe settings.
  3. In the classrooms and auditoriums, a minimum of two (2) seats should be between students, and in the larger auditoriums, students should be seated in alternate rows so that there is an empty row between each row of students.
  4. Faculty proctors should be present during the entire examination period.
  5. During any exam administered, the Code of Student Conduct of the School of Medicine is in effect and anyone giving or receiving any unauthorized aid or assistance is in violation of the Code.  Students are to report any observed infractions of the Code to the Dean for Student Affairs.
Rescheduling of Exams Due to Illness or Other Reasons

If prior to an exam you have extenuating circumstances, such as personal illness, family illness, death in the family, etc., which have the potential to interfere with your preparation for an exam, schedule an appointment with a Dean for Student Affairs to discuss the possibility of rescheduling an exam.  Permission to reschedule an exam is based on individual circumstances.  It is not acceptable to reschedule an exam by only contacting the course director; prior permission must be obtained from Office of Student Affairs.

If you become ill and are not physically able to take the exam:

  1. notify the Office of Student Affairs as soon as possible of your illness and
  2. bring a written note from the ECU Student Health Service, Family Practice Center, ECU Outpatient Clinics or private health care provider, verifying that you were seen, and were too ill on the day of the exam to attend.  The doctor’s note must be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs prior to returning to classes.  Once the note is received, a time to retake the missed exam will be scheduled following discussions with a Dean for Student Affairs and the Course Director.

If a student does not follow the above process for rescheduling an exam, an unexcused absence will be issued and a zero (0) will be awarded for that exam.