The Brody School of Medicine
Office of Student Affairs/Registrar



Fundraising For Travel

Engaging in international rotations may involve unanticipated costs such as transportation and lodging; medical supplies needed; travel clinic before and after the rotation itself; immunizations; travel-related insurance; and passports. Fundraising for travel and extra costs may be done according to the policies and guidelines of the Medical Foundation of ECU.

When individual students, or student organizations, seek to raise funds in the form of contributions to underwrite the costs of international rotations, special care must be taken to ensure that all ECU policy and legal requirements are met. For example, if a given student wishes to solicit donations from individuals, no statements should be made about the tax deductibility of such donations. A gift fund account has been established through the ECU Medical Foundation for the purpose of tracking and acknowledging all contributions made for international electives.

The Medical Foundation is responsible for acknowledging contributions and serves as a resource for donors regarding the tax deductibility of gifts. In order for a gift to be tax deductible, the gift must be made to the Medical Foundation of ECU. If the donor writes a check, it must be written to the Medical Foundation of ECU. In the memo section the donor can add: International Electives.

Funds received by any student in support of international rotations must be used for that purpose; they cannot be used for other activities (e.g., to purchase food for student group meetings). Any questions pertaining to fund raising "do's and don'ts" should be addressed to Carole Novick, Interim President of the Medical Foundation, or 252-744-2238.