The Brody School of Medicine
Office of Student Affairs/Registrar



Country Specific Travel Safety

The United States' Department of State Travel Warnings List represents guidelines as to the in-country safety of students. Under applicable University policy, BSOM students shall NOT travel to any country listed on the most recent travel warnings list. An appropriate summary of the in-country safety situation, and measures to assure safety, will be presented to the appropriate BSOM Administrator (the Associate Dean, Office of Medical Education) by the student and/or responsible faculty member. Without exception, Brody School of Medicine students shall follow the existing medical school and East Carolina University policies pertaining to potential rotations in countries on the Travel Warnings List.

US Department of State Travel Warnings

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

By connecting with the State Department on the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, the US State Department will be able to assist you in the case of an emergency, such as a lost/stolen passport or natural disaster.