About Us

The Brody Women Faculty Committee consists of women professionals at the Brody School of Medicine. The committee aims to increase institutional effectiveness by supporting the recruitment, retention and promotion of female professionals. The BWFC is a welcoming community of women who work to improve awareness of issues of particular interest to women, track information about women faculty at the Brody School of Medicine, support current and future women professionals through mentorship, and offer programming on leadership, career development, and women’s perspectives

Our Mission

The Brody Women Faculty group will provide a forum for all women professionals at BSOM to augment their professional skills and enhance their career development. This will be done through advocacy, mentoring, collaboration, education, and support for the women professionals and the leadership of BSOM. We will partner with both internal and external groups to address professional issues, especially those of interest to women. Through this, we will improve the quality of the work environment at BSOM, especially with respect to equity, family issues and diversity. This will enable BSOM to increase recruitment and retention of women professionals and enhance institutional effectiveness


The Brody Women Faculty Committee was created as a result of the work of the Advisory Committee for Women in Medicine, established in 2004 by Dean Cynda Johnson to address the needs of female faculty. That Committee’s 2005 report, written by Dr. Virginia Hardy and Dr. Lesly Mega, recommended the re-establishment of a Women in Medicine committee to promote networking, celebrate accomplishments, and share information of relevance to women professionals. Since its inception, the BWFC has grown in membership and has expanded the scope of our initiatives and activities.


Committee Chairs

2015-2016: Lisa Domico, PhD

2014-2015: Ruth Little, EdD

2013-2014: Folashade Jose, MD

2012-2013: Jamie DeWitt, PhD

2011-2012: Barbara Muller-Borer, PhD

2010-2011: Janet Malek, PhD

2009-2010: Lorita Rebellato, PhD

2008-2009: Rachel Roper, PhD

2007-2008: Elaine Cabinum-Foeller, MD

2006-2007: Kaye McGinty, MD and Maria Clay, PhD

2005-2006: Virginia Hardy, PhD and Valerie Gilchrist, MD