Tentative Calendar, 2015-2016

Date Meeting Topic
Time Room

Open Forum Meeting
Welcome back! Open forum to bring members up to speed on 20115-2016 goals and events.

12:00-1:30pm BSOM 2W-38
10/21/15 Program Meeting
Professional Conduct: How to deal with challenging mentees & colleagues
Internal panelists & discussion
12-1:30pm BSOM 2W-38
11/19/15 Open Forum Meeting
Professional societies - new chapters and opportunities for ECU
12-1:30pm BSOM 2W-38
12/15/15 Program Meeting
Finding your Mid-Career Mojo: I have tenure, now what?
Internal panelists & discussion
12-1:30pm BSOM 2W-38
1/20/16 Open Forum Meeting
Happy New Year! Open forum on BWFC awards & recipient experiences
12-1:30pm BSOM 2W-38
2/18/16 Program Meeting
The Art of Graceful Self-Promotion
External speaker: Dr. Kimberly Skarupski, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
12-1:30pm BSOM 2W-38
3/15/16 Open Forum Meeting
Open forum on maintaining work:life balance in academic medicine
12-1:30pm BSOM 2W-38
4/19/16 Professional Leadership in Science and Medicine Conference
Effective Professional Communication
External speaker: Dr. Erin Wolf, Kennesaw State University
12-4:30pm Family Medicine Center Auditorium
5/19/16 Closing meeting of year & elections for 2016-2017
Executive Committee
12-1:30pm BSOM 2W-38


Please check back periodically for updates.