Community Health Center Administration



Our Mission, Vision and Values


The mission of ECU in this collaboration is to prepare a workforce of leaders in community health center (CHC) administration and policy making who will provide effective senior leadership and middle management for existing and future health centers and community health systems. To achieve this mission, the faculty members in the Departments collaboratively provide educational offerings of the knowledge and skills of leadership and management.  


Graduates of this certificate program will effectively lead health services in community health centers and through their leadership assist communities to improve and assure access to high quality, affordable health care.  


Our collaboration models the future of effective health care which must integrate services into coherent, efficient, effective and accountable systems.  The leadership required to create the system and realize our vision is a relational process of inspiring, empowering, and influencing positive change.  Our mission will be accomplished by: partnerships with practitioners; flexibility, mutual support, sensitivity to diversity, openness and respect among students, faculty, and staff; fiscal responsibility and accountability; authenticity; and, a commitment to the ideals of lifelong learning and service excellence.  

The interdisciplinary curriculum is based on established and verified competencies. It fosters creative and critical thinking; anchors theory in practice; and, teaches decision making based on evidence derived from practice.