Christopher J. Mansfield, PhD

Christopher J. Mansfield


  • BA, Economics, Michigan
  • Theology, Yale Divinity School
  • MS, Management Science, Case Western Reserve University
  • PhD, Public Administration, Florida State University

Principal Research Interests

  • Social determinants of health.
  • Measurement of disparities & changes in population health status.
  • Health professions work force planning.
  • Role of religious faith in healing.
  • Quality improvement.

Selected Recent Publications

Mansfield CJ, Mitchell J, King DE. The Doctor as God’s Mechanic? Beliefs of a Southeastern United States Population. Social Science and Medicine. 2002. 54(3): 77-86.

Curry MD, Mathews HF, Daniel HJ, Johnson JC, Mansfield CJ. Beliefs about and responses to childhood ear infections: a study of parents in Eastern North Carolina. Social Science and Medicine. 2002. 54(5): 1153-1165.

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Mansfield CJ, Kirk D, Curry M, Bobbitt-Cooke M. The Challenge of Eliminating Health Disparities in North Carolina. North Carolina Medical Journal. 2001; 62(1): 19-25. Reprints available.

Curry M, Mansfield CJ, Leonardo K. Health and Social Problems of a Primary Care Clinic Population After a Flood Disaster. The Hurricane Floyd Flood. North Carolina Medical Journal. 2001. 62(2): 99-102. Reprints available.

Estrada CA, Mansfield CJ, Heudebert GR. Cost-Effectiveness of Low-Molecular-Weight-Heparin in the Treatment of Proximal Deep Vein Thrombosis. The Journal of General Internal Medicine. 2000; 15: 108-115.

Mansfield CJ, Wilson JL, Kobrinski EJ, Mitchell J. Premature Mortality in the United States: The Roles of Geographic Area, Socioeconomic Status, Household Type, and Availability of Medical Care. American Journal of Public Health. 1999; 89: 893-898. Reprints available.

Mansfield CJ, Hueston WJ, Rudy M. Neonatal circumcision: associated factors and length of stay. The Journal of Family Practice. 1995; 41:370-376.

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Health Policy, Health Problems and Systems, Health Administration, Health Law