North Carolina Health Data Explorer

The Health Data Explorer provides access to health data for North Carolina counties in an interactive, user-friendly atlas of maps, tables, and charts. It allows users to select, visualize, explore and download data on major disease mortality, disparities between groups, social and economic factors, and health behaviors.  Users can also print maps and export image files from the Explorer.  It is produced by East Carolina University's Health Systems Research and Development and Center for Health Disparities Research, using Instant Atlas and Flash

The Explorer now includes updated 2010 Census Data in the Social Life and Economy (Series 2) application. Updated data is included for population, median age, percent black, percent white, and percent Hispanic. Additional 2010 Census Data will be added as it becomes available.

A concise Introduction provides directions on how to use the Explorer. A Technical Notes document explains the scatterplot and multivariate application, and the FAQ answers common questions.

View a guide to using the Explorer for a county level Community Health Assessment.

View a printable PDF copy of all the instructions (pdf) and the Technical Notes and FAQs to use as you walk through the maps.


Simple Maps

Map and compare counties on over 100 outcome or predisposing variables. Explore racial and regional disparities. You can also download data in Excel format.

View a short video demonstration of the simple map


Double Maps and Scatter Plots

Map and compare counties on two dimensions and explore relationships between outcomes and predisposing variables by scatter plot and correlations with linear regression. Explore outliers.


Multivariate mapping and exploration

Explore relationships between outcomes and multiple predisposing variables or by region.


Time Series

Explore changes in variables over a 10 year period.


Choices of regions

Review the regions, over a dozen sub-state regions to select from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Notes

Report Problems/suggest improvements by contacting Katherine Jones, PhD

Design assistance for the Explorer provided by Jason R. Cottle, Communication and Development Department, Laupus Library, East Carolina University.